2019 rainfall so far North Herts South side of Chilterns

Discussion in 'Weather' started by Chickcatcher, Feb 25, 2019.

  1. Chickcatcher

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    SG9 0RS
    Feb 25 recorded so far this year 40mm, same time 2018 75mm
    I tempt fait will it be a dry year.
    145Kw produced off of 40Kw Pv install on 24/2/19 install is a shallow angle.
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  2. According to the Davis Pro weather station at Clifton in Beds, we are slightly damper...53 / 54mm so far this year. I too fear a dry year, but we have to get past the next few weeks first apparently...
  3. Princess Pooper

    East Mids
    45mm at our nearest enthusiast weather station near Leicester; 55mm by end of Feb in 2018, but only 323mm for the whole of last year. Two thirds of this Feb's 26mm rainfall fell on 2 days!
  4. Wombat

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    East yorks
    We have had 40mm this year but Nov and Dec were above average so no issues here
  5. Chickcatcher

    Chickcatcher Member

    SG9 0RS
    Total to the 31st March 19 = 89mm 2018 same date 141mm
  6. Thelastshepherd

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    So I moved from west Scotland to just north of Aberdeen, we have had only a handful of properly wet days since I moved nearly a year ago. After grass burnt off last year new seed and existing grass is not germinating (except in a drain where there is some moisture). Getting very scared of another dry year
  7. Breakthru

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    Scottish Borders
    In old money we had 18.5" of rain in the calendar year to 31st December.
    Taking the original crop year 1st April to 31st March 16.5".
    Driest in 35yrs I have been here by a long way.
  8. RushesToo

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    @Thelastshepherd If you still have no rain it is probably time think about marking hard for cull all undesirable traits and reduce stock. You have to survive a summer then a winter.

    If others are overstocked then you will have either hay, silage or grazing for sale. If you are under stocked you will survive and go into spring with grazing - it may be less profitable but you will have options of what to do and great stock.
  9. Chickcatcher

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    SG9 0RS
    Total to 30th April 93mm.17mm so far in May (9th) April 18 198mm
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