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Recent warmer weather highlights blowfly season is around the corner

Lucilia sericata, the main blowfly in the UK, starts to become active when soil temperatures reach 9°C.

NADIS, in collaboration with Elanco, have once again launched the blowfly risk alert (see https://alerts.nadis.org.uk/) and blowfly tracker (www.farmanimalhealth.co.uk/tracker) to help farmers and prescribers keep up-to-date and stay aware of the blowfly challenge throughout the season. Elanco encourages farmers and prescribers to report a case of strike on the blowfly tracker to help others be aware of the risk in their local area and across the country.

“From the Met Office temperature chart for February, we can see that large parts of the country have been hitting 8-10°C already, especially in the south. If the mild conditions are maintained through March, then southern counties will be in for an early blowfly challenge. Correct application of an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) product BEFORE strike happens, is still the ‘gold standard’ in blowfly prevention,” says Elanco’s Technical Consultant, Matt Colston.

For information on using an Insect Growth Regulator

see https://farmanimalhealth.co.uk/fly-control To find out more about correct application see www.farmanimalhealth.co.uk/application.

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Ktwo announce 5-year partnership with North American importer.

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Written by John Swire

Ktwo are a leading British manufacturer of farming machinery and they have now secured a 5-year export partnership to continue to serve their growing audience across North America.

Ktwo saw an opportunity in the North American market for strong high-quality agriculture trailers after being approached by several companies across the US and Canada in early 2020. They needed a manufacturer with the capacity and experience to fulfil their need for strong, large silage trailers to hold volumes up to 75m3.

“We see big potential for our machines across North America,’’ explains Robbie Polson, Ktwo managing director, ‘’and we are very pleased to announce we have secured a...