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2040s, on the hunt!

Discussion in 'Classic Machinery' started by johnboy87, Jun 20, 2016.

  1. johnboy87

    johnboy87 Member

    For some time now I have been trying to find the old man's old jd 2040s, 2wd, reg A289 VRL
    it was sold (I believe) around 2010 at the sale and brought by Wayne Danger (sp?) Of southern tractors cornwall/southern tractors agricultural engineers and was sold on again. Now I know the tractor hasn't been taxed since 2013 but Wayne won't tell me who he sold it on to and all the dvla will tell me is that it is owned buy someone who maybe a dealer so I'm appealing to the knowledge and members of TFF in the hope of finding it.
    TIA, John :)
  2. johnboy87

    johnboy87 Member

  3. johnboy87

    johnboy87 Member

  4. Mursal

    Mursal Member

    Can the DVLA help you, probably not?
  5. johnboy87

    johnboy87 Member

    See above what little help they are :(
  6. Mursal

    Mursal Member

    Would a reg check help?
    Use one of the many independent firms advertising, but I'm not sure how much they will actually know about a tractor? Costa about £20 - £30 , might be worth a punt?
  7. Know any coppers?

    They have to be willing to abuse the PNC slightly....
  8. FG.

    FG. Member

    North Wiltshire
    I'm in the process of filling out a V888.
    You print it off the DVLA site.
    It's for enquiring about current owner.
  9. johnboy87

    johnboy87 Member

    Tried that, they still wouldn't disclose the information to me :(
  10. johnboy87

    johnboy87 Member

    Can't say that I know any coppers :unsure:
  11. Gadget

    Gadget Member

    Sutton Coldfield
    Have you asked the dealer to contact their customer on your behalf? If they wish to remain anonomous they can send a return message stating that it is not for sale.
  12. johnboy87

    johnboy87 Member

    He won't even be that helpful, as he claims that he can't remember who he sold it onto but I should think that he would have records of a transaction like that, it's as if he just can't be bothered
  13. Bloders

    Bloders Member

    If you have a genuine reason for knowing who they are they should tell you
    Trouble is their genuine reason is for things like parking on your land, damaging your property etc it would be wrong to make that up however maybe you have found something of value relating to the vehicle which gives a genuine reason for asking who the owner is so you can reunite the item with vehicle?
    I'd ring delay and speak to someone if possible
  14. johnboy87

    johnboy87 Member

    Bringing this back up as I've still had no success in locating the tractor but it has moved again and being used as it is now currently taxed so any help or leads would be appreciated

  15. gatepost

    gatepost Member

    Or it involved a swap and some cash ?
  16. johnboy87

    johnboy87 Member

    I went a seen him the other day and all he would tell me is that it was sold on in the trade as a bunch of 5 tractors but still claims he doesn't know who
  17. how much would a private investigator charge??
  18. johnboy87

    johnboy87 Member

    Id dread to think
  19. have you considered putting an advert in one or all of the tractor magazines??
    I can tell it is important for you to find it
  20. and you could put an advert in the national farming press

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