250,000 heifer


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I think the point is it is an extremely good heifer and if you want it you only have 3 options breed one (not that easy) buy one or do without. Then if there’s 2 people that want it!

Yeh I get that, and having 2 consortiums/partnerships bidding against each other just runs away. Less risk each plus the financial might

For all we know she could have made less than the 2nd price.
It's as cheap to say a high number as it is a low one.

That's the whole problem with the system isn't it. Nobody knows if it's real or not


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Maybe this gives a sense of scale of the prices paid in the past (the inflation price is the gns in today’s money)

Speculative coverage on the gene editing consultation response

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Speculative coverage on the gene editing consultation response

Written by Defra Press Office


There has been coverage today in the I and the Guardian, reporting on speculation around the upcoming government response to the recent Gene Editing consultation, which closed on 17th March.

A full government response, which will include a thorough analysis and summary of the responses to the consultation and which will set out our next steps, will be published in due course.

Gene editing has the ability to harness the genetic resources that mother nature has provided, such as breeding...