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300 tdi advice

Discussion in 'Workshop Projects' started by Hardyspicer, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. Mursal

    Mursal Member

    Knock the exhaust off, fuel from a can direct to the pump and let the turbo breath fresh air, see if it clears with a bit of running at low revs? Oil level on the mark? Loosen the excess fuel diaphragm on the pump

    If it doesn't clear do a cylinder leakage test before you strip ...........
  2. Would be a wonderful conversation for a towing machine.
    A rubbish conversion for off roading -far too front heavy.
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  3. Mursal

    Mursal Member

    What would you recommend?
  4. Pilgrimmick

    Pilgrimmick Member

    Iveco 2.8 unijet turbo
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  5. trook135

    trook135 Member

    Used to regularly have to change air filters on a 300tdi when wet! Worth a look, did the crack injectors off and turn over job a fair few times too, hard work killing one of those engines unless they are turned right up with inadequate cooling!
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  6. This might of been said
    This happened to us when we were attending and event also
    It will possibly of bent a valve and the pushrods
    Slacken an injector pipe to narrow it down to a cylinder.

    Ours drove the 100mile back from the event with no turbo as the intercooler was full of water so removed intake pipe also disconnected 1 injector it was gutless
    But my mate trailers his hybrid Suzuki as it's a bit of everything anyway his towing vehicle mitsi shogun snapped timing chain on the motorway would you believe.
    The old landy chugged away like a dumper no issues :ROFLMAO:
  7. Hardyspicer

    Hardyspicer Member

    I can confirm it jumped a tooth on the crankshaft pulley, new belt and Idlers and it runs sweet, thanks for all your input and it shall be taken to the pit next Sunday so watch this space as something else is bound to break
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  8. Cornish Rattler

    Glad you got it sorted well done :D

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