39 BB X calves

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  1. 39 BB X calves, born March, April May 17. Mix of heifers and steers. Not yet housed. £400
    IMG_20190122_105944933.jpg IMG_20190122_105935537.jpg IMG_20190122_105830197.jpg IMG_20190122_105736726.jpg
    Tested and ready to move.
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  2. Hampton

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    when do you need to move them by?
    what weight woud you estimate them to be?
    How many movements would they have on passport?
  3. Next couple of weeks

    200-250kg (but haven't weighed any)

    Born here so no movements to date
  4. Cowcalf

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    North of Scotland
    do you mean born 2018 as be very light if born 2017
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  5. Hampton

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    Thanks, how many heifers and/or steers?
  6. Yes we'll well spotted, they're definitely 2018 born.

    I had to write a cheque for the first time in a very long time the other day and it was pointed out that I'd got the day, month and year all wrong.
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  7. I'll count later but I'd imagine it'll be near 50:50
  8. beefandsleep

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    What sort of cows are they out of?
  9. Hfd Cattle

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    Definitely interested send me you tel number
  10. To answer a few people's questions at once.

    These are all dairy bred out of a jersey and jersey cross herd.

    Although my cows don't have the biggest bottoms they are bred for strength to be out and out grazers. This make for beef animals that are great forage converters. They will comfortably make 300kg DW by 30m with no hard feed.

    I was not planning on selling these so they haven't been pushed. They are still out on September deferred grazing with rough hay and a kilo of cake.
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  11. Northeastfarmer

    They are cheap at £400
  12. Not through here but they sold for the asking price.

    I've still got 40 odd that 12 months older that haven't gone yet.
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