4 cylinder vs 6 cylinder

Discussion in 'Machinery' started by Jim B, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. Wiking

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    Give me a large displacement inline six yank engine and I'm happy. The way an 8530 roars is hard to beat (y)
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    Can anyone find the 4v6 thread that had 120 odd pages?! It's alright, I'm not out tonight either :ROFLMAO:
  3. Note they didn't put the Eco Boost 3.5 litre into the Mustang, or worse the force feed Barra 4.0 litre? Why? Because none of the V8's would be able to keep up:sneaky:;):LOL:
  4. Grouse

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    Yea yea yea, if you don't know now you will never appreciated it. Yes tiny 4 cylinders can chuck out as much power as a V8, but the driving experience is crap - there is no sense of occasion, no thrill and virtually no enjoyment - end of :)

    Some people will be jacking off over electric cars next;)
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  5. aussie massey

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    Its a mistake the four cylinder is a 4.9 litre, still a long way to go to catch kubotas big lump for displacement.
  6. Treemover

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    Wait until Kubota unleash the 6 cylinder range
  7. No , both are sixes, 3.5 is V6, the 4.0 is inline, capable of 10.00 second 1/4 mile as road going car.
  8. With Sisu you go either 4.4/6.6 or 4.9/7.4 litre.
  9. Deutz AG (the engine manufacturer not SDF) last year launched a 9 litre 4-cylinder engine capable of 400hp and 1250 ft-lbs of torque.

    The mainstay 4-litre TCD 4.1 L4 found in many tractors is being supplanted by a 5-litre TCD 5.0 200hp unit which is also Stage V ready.

    I guess they see a future in big displacement 4-cylinder units too. :whistle:
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  10. skinnyhoskins

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    the narth
    I know whick one i would rather drive,and i have driven both,it wouldnt be the mustang
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  12. The Tesla might have been gutted but the fat bloke in the other car was left truly gutted!
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  13. Treemover

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    Why are manufacturers so interested in 4 cylinders as opposed to six esspecially when 6 are so popular?
  14. assassinated by the fencing mason's
  15. Off road engine manufacturers produce for all sorts of markets, Ag being only of them. There are all kinds of applications where the size, power density, packaging, etc mean a four will be favoured over a six.
  16. Treemover

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    So it's not that the 4 pot is any better; but it's down to the fact that developing a 4 pot is better for them; and as emission and engine building becomes more expensive, this means we will have to take what we are given.

    Not a huge fan. Never liked the deutz engine so common in so many applications.
  17. Jim B

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    I'm waiting to see Kubota develop a 8 litre, 5 cylinder engine
  18. Ormond

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    6 cylinder everytime for me....that goes for the car too!:)
  19. Rabbit

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    Is he gone

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