4 Day Farmers Forecast plus a Look Ahead to January 2019

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    Friday: 21-12-18

    Sunshine and showers for Scotland. Elsewhere a very wet start, with coastal gales in south. I'm hopeful the rain will clear eastwards with bright spells developing, but will rain returns to parts of west later. High of 14C/57F

    Saturday: 22-12-18

    Low pressure north of Scotland on Saturday with a weak ridge of high pressure to the south. Showers in Scotland, most in the north and west where they could be heavy. drier conditions in England and Wales Some sunny spells breaking through too. Showers in northern and western Ireland. The afternoon sees further showers in western Scotland, but for most it should be dry with sunny spells. High of 13C/55F

    Sunday: 23-12-18

    Sunshine and showers Saturday, these mainly in the west. Cloudy and very mild in the south with rain Sunday. High of 12C/54F

    Further Outlook: Drier on Monday. Becoming drier/brighter in the north but colder.

    Look Ahead to January 2019

    It is likely to become very cold with heavy snowfall severe frosts at night.

    More on this later and on website metjeffuk.com

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