400 acres, 40 miles away.

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  1. lloyd

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    Planning in advance and luck are two different things
    If the rules of the game change after you've planned thats when you need luck.
    Accurate ,up to date information on the other hand is invaluable!
  2. Brisel

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    Successful people make their own luck ;)
  3. Seems the arrangement works for both parties.

    Contractor has a known and predictable workload, with similarly predictable machinery and labour requirements, also I presume the rates he has charged include a profit (or rather should include a profit) and are fixed for a known period of time, possibly several years. Either way, the predictability of the workload is worth something to someone who profits from selling equipment per hour or area.

    Landowner gets labour, machinery and operations done on time, having little capital himself to find, yet is still farming in his own right because he is managing his end, buying his own purchases and making his own sales etc.

    Is it not the dream of every contractor to flick a switch and know he will have the exact same size customer base, exact same workload and exact same rates for a fixed period of time?
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  4. quattro

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    So winning the lottery wouldn’t be luck!!
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  5. Clive

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    you can't win the lottery without buying a ticket so its not JUST luck - preparation is involved !

    More tickets you buy the higher your chance of winning and if you BUY all the tickets you WILL win it

    .........................................life is not dissimilar
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  6. lloyd

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    If you bought all the tickets you'd be bust:ROFLMAO:
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  7. Clive

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    you would indeed ............ but winning would no longer be down to "luck" either
  8. JCfarmer

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    Best to be born lucky than rich mind. Some farmers are lucky enough to sell building land for example.
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  9. Hereward

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    Which in many cases is better than winning the lottery.
  10. JCfarmer

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    OP, Lexion 1000 go for it, 2 year agreement to see if it suits both parties.
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  11. JCfarmer

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    Indeed, lucky in health far more important though obviously.
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  12. I've only read to page 10, will continue tomorrow.

    I like Clive's comments so far.

    I'm happy farming 183 acres, very busy (doing lots of farming) I'm quite well off, have been able to buy houses & owe nothing, need never work again.

    Why on earth would anyone want to farm land 40 miles away?

    The one exception would be large veg growers who need land in different locations to spread the risk, they would likely use contractors as much as possible. In veg growing tems that could be a 1,000 miles away in the South of Europe. They have big teams & big turnover. The best do really well, many that try to copy them go broke.
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  13. Clive

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    Which isn’t really “luck”either !

    Even re health we are often (but not always I accept) masters of our own destiny. Health is a result of genetics and /or lifestye

    Deep believe in luck suggests believe in some sort of higher being who roles a dice to dictate your fate ! I really don’t think that happens
  14. MX7

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    Near where I live ,a contract farming business ,that is based about 30 miles away,contract farms two farms (that were owned by the same person) about 20miles apart, total about 1400 acres combinable crops . They have a set of arable kit solely for those two farms and one good farm foreman/manager ,plus harvest help. I only mention this as I assume the economics stack up ,as otherwise they would not do it . I have to say they contract farm a lot of land as well a that mentioned , but not in the same area.
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  15. ajd132

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    This is the best way of doing it if the area is big enough
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  16. That sounds a great idea.

    Especially when you think that if key kit or person breaks down, it would be possible with extra effort to pull resources from one farm to the other, true economy of scale.

    Not been frazzled moving kit around on a daily basis.

    If the scale is big enougth & the staff are honest & good enougth, I suppose there are no limits.

    The big house builders have sites all across the country, supermarkets too of course.

    I just think farming is different some how.
  17. kiwi pom

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    canterbury NZ
    Only got to page 7 so far. So 400 acres, ring fenced? Dairy shed in the middle of it, you could milk quite a lot of cows there.(y)

    Your welcome:D
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