5m Gates.

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  1. Does anyone make wide gates ? Wooden out of the question for this width?
    Need to keep transit tipper people out of the yard, yet need access for artics. Don't want the palaver of a pair of 3 M gates. Google has been frustratingly useless.

  2. I'll make you some (y) or @Forever Fendt would probably be interested
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  3. PM me some quotes.....:nailbiting::LOL:
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  4. :LOL: I can't believe I've lowered myself to this
  5. johnb5555

    johnb5555 Member

    Co Durham
    I did see some 16ft gates in local merchants yard they were either Ritchie or iae.
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  6. Tom Davies will knock them up for you.
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  7. My neighbour has a 15' gate tied on with string , what's your address ? ;)
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  8. Forever Fendt

    Forever Fendt Member

    get a good solid chair handy :whistle:
  9. Might have a go at making my own then........
    How hard can it be....:whistle::ROFLMAO:
  10. S J H

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  11. bobk

    bobk Member

    Wynnstay were selling 16 footers with sleeved hinge thingys for not much. bought a couple of 15 s here and they are fine for field gates 61 a piece .
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  12. David.

    David. Member

    J11 M40
    IAE will make what you want but you will not see them till Feb in all probability. Their real heavy cattle yard spec are not too bad at all but would prob' be wrong side £150 each.
    16ft gate is not very handy if most of your traffic is van/truck/tractor TBH. I have a pair of 3.5m and seldom need to open second one.
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  13. tepapa

    tepapa Member

    North Wales
    They are available I hung two IAE 16' gates yesterday, I think that translates to 4.8m in new money.
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  14. I know what you mean, I've already got a pair of 12' gates at the entrance, but 1 has to stay open all day for postman / deliveries etc. This means unwanted guests can branch off into the yard and drive around the buildings. I find ' pairs ' are a pain to erect and match up. I'd rather a single 16 ', I think.
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  15. bobk

    bobk Member

    I electrified our front gates , cost £280 best thing I ever did , no getting off tractors now:)
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  16. Steevo

    Steevo Member

    Looking for a 10m wide cantilever gate currently and was surprised to find IAE make them too.

    Bonkers money though some of them - one firm wanted £10k just to install a manual opening one! I'd want it automated for that money!!

    Thought about approaching local steel fabricators but wasn't sure about the balancing of it to get it to run spot on with no wear and ease of opening. @RWG Contracts - fancy a challenge?!
  17. Forever Fendt

    Forever Fendt Member

    its dead easy,best thing to do is measure up what you want and get it cut to size at the steel stockholders,on a gate that size you will defiantly need to plate the hinge holes up to stop eye bolts pulling through the box section,use box section for the infillers not flat bar , how wide is it and how high do you need it
  18. 16' by 4' high would suit. Nothing special....something like this would do.

    Screenshot (273).png
  19. Sounds my sort of challenge
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  20. multi power

    multi power Member

    Just ring W H James in crymych and they will deliver one

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