60% of urban dwellers want to grow their own produce

Written by Michelle Martin from Agriland

60% of Brits living in towns and cities across the UK would like to grow their own produce, according to research by Samsung Electronics released today, Friday, October 15.

This number could also rise, as 63% of Brits in cities reported feeling ‘inspired’ to grow more of their own food or plants at home.

Furthermore, the research found that Gen Z – those currently aged between 18-24 years old – are growing mini crops or plants on windowsills (23%) and in their bedrooms (20%).

Among the reasons for wanting to grow at home, overall Brits said it was to consume more nutrient-dense food (35%) and to educate their children about how we grow food (27%).

Of the Gen Z age group, 37% said it was to have access to fresher food, to save money (35%) and do ‘their bit’ for the planet (33%)

Project Plant

The study of 1,500 Brits living in urban areas was released in line with the launch of Project Plant, Samsung UK’s new initiative, the UK’s first urban-farm-to-table pizzeria in collaboration with social enterprise GreenLab.

Through Project Plant, Samsung and GreenLab aim to educate and empower individuals and communities to harness the power of connected technology and support small space growing, thereby helping to facilitate small changes that make a big difference to how and where plants can be grown.

Andrew Gregson, director and founder of GreenLab commented:

“Small space growing, especially when enabled by connected tech, is great as it makes use of ‘dead’ spaces within the home. In addition, small space growing is low cost, it brings us closer to the source of where our food comes from and it’s incredibly satisfying on a personal level too.

“The research findings were encouraging to see as most of us are already growing at home, and with additional support via connected technology, over time more people will gain the confidence to do so too.”

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Arable Farmer
Mmm there is a big difference between people saying they want to grow their own and actually doing it. Just like there is a massive difference between have a few herbs in a window box and having an allotment. I suspect the majority, not all of course, if the 60% would do a day at the allotment then decide it’s a lot easier to go to Tesco. Call me cynical but you can prove anything with a survey.


Arable Farmer
Lorette Manitoba
Perfectly put by above, most wouldn’t have a clue about growing food,how many families live on junk food and take out,long gone are the days of put grand parents where grand dad grew what we ate in the garden attached to the tied farm cottage and granny preserving what she could in big candy jars with salt or vinegar. Dated a few women in the past that couldn’t even peel a carrot or potatoes let alone grow one.

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