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Discussion in 'Machinery' started by Will 1594, Apr 6, 2019.

  1. marcot

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    Bury St Edmunds
    Sounds like I need to reassess the value of my 6620 for insurance purposes ...how much would an immaculate 52 reg 6620 with just under 6000hrs be worth?
  2. Phil P

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    North West
    25-30k dependant of spec? I’m only guessing though.
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  3. How much do ya want for the 6610
  4. Lots have another one may sell if find replacement find the pic on today at work you will see why replacing it ,
  5. cousinjack

    cousinjack Member

    We bought a 6130m

    No complaints at all... super machine .. and the new r' loader is amazing!

    We were looking at a 6430/6330 but the difference in price between a 3k hour one of them and a new M was not enough to encourage us to go second hand !!
    Buy new, and you get warranty etc ....
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  6. nick...

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    south norfolk
    I got an 03 reg 6620 with 4000 hours on it.paid £23k for it 11 years ago and must still be worth that now
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  7. nick...

    nick... Member

    south norfolk
    Maybe but all the R series will just get recycled as they will be too expensive to repair with all the electrics and computer controlled stuff on them.cant see any demand from third world countries for them either.no one wants modern excavators and trucks in those countries either as they cant be repaired in the middle of nowhere.its already a massive problem finding new homes for construction equipment after its first life in this country.
  8. Fragonard

    Fragonard Member

    Judging by this thread, the 20 are better than the 30 series?
    I thought the 30 had sorted all the 20 series problems?
    Some 6920 were rubbish, if I remember correctly.
  9. kill

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    South West
    You really ort to be selling those airport JD's you look after but please don't ever forget I have first shout;)(y)
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  10. Phil P

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    North West
    They’ve just had a sneaky rep come in (when I wasn’t there!) trying to swap one for a 6130R as a like for like hp/spec! :banghead: It won’t happen though I’ve sorted that;).

    They where ment to come back last Friday but cancelled as I was in:cautious:.
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  11. Phil P

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    North West
    That’s exactly what everyone said when the 00/10 series came out “aren’t they very plastic” “they won’t last like a 50” “bet the electrics don’t last!” How many 20/30 series have been exported with all their electrics?
    Thing is, the electrics/controllers are actually the most reliable part of the machine, they just tell you that there’s a mechanical issue/problem 90% of the time.
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  12. Chae1

    Chae1 Member

    Said the same when datatronic/autotronic mfs came out years ago. Plenty of them still going.
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  13. Could do but want an extra tractor , so two good used , better than one new , and to be honest prefer 10/20 s to the new ones , got two 215s for all primary work , and a nice 64/66 on sprayer more than adequate than running around with a 10 ton tractor when a smaller one will do job , don't need twin beacons etc knob extension like some who cannot drive older stuff or won't .
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  14. Gerbert

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    Dutch biblebelt
    Exactly what @Phil P says (and what @Cowabunga has been saying forever), how many problems are electronic? Second to none.
    @Will 1594 I wanted a 6410 but found them to expensive or completely shagged, decided to buy a 6420 instead, love it.
    Like I asked, was the 6410 with vp44 an autopower?
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  15. Auto quad
  16. DaveJ

    DaveJ Member

    I had a 6120m with a 623r loader on demo a couple of weeks ago and really didn't care for it. Loader had more capacity but seemed clumsy compared to my old 633 and view to the attachment was terrible. Pallet forks vanished altogether. Also quite finicky to put on. Found despite what the lad who brought it said, I had to couple the hydraulics 1st and tweak the rams. Disappointed.
  17. cousinjack

    cousinjack Member

    I can totally see what you are saying. And at first I was of the same opinion, when compared to our 6310 and 631 loader. But performance wise there is no comparison.. I'll agree that the vision is not so good, but as we generally use a telehander around the yard it hasn't bothered me too much ..

    As for attaching and detaching, it gets a lot quicker with use and practice.. although the older system is easier, and more foolproof, the new system is certainly quicker when you get the hang of it..
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