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  2. No standard press wheels
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    York, UK
    This would significantly reduce the slot closing ability of the drill
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    There might just be something In these 750a drills. Couple of attached photos from a demo we had .. zyatt sown 15 th September..

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  5. Millions upon Millions of acres can't be wrong.

    Its drawback is probably it doesn't like a huge amount of chopped straw but beyond that its about the best there is for no till
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    Can you start a thread with a few photos if you get a demo of the Sky drill
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    I will try and sort that if I get rained off tomorrow. Had the sky demo on Wednesday.
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    We can trundle up the road if you like?
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    Haven't found a way of measuring air pressure in the lines yet been reducing fan speed and have 33mph coming out of the tubes no blockages 186kg/ha at 14kph drill speed, thinking blockage monitors might be the way to set this at the optimum level, reducing fan speed by 500rpm has improved the percentage of seed firmed in considerably.
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  10. Most airseeders I've ever used over the last 30 years or so have always had a pressure gauge ( low pressure, either "inches of mercury" or in KPa ) or a display on the controller . . .
    image.jpg image.jpg

    Pressure taken at fan outlet or manifold

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  11. Thats a good idea similar to a sprayer pressure gauge gives spray pressure
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