750A spoked gauge wheels

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  1. THAT is why you need the steel scraper ring on your gauge wheel

    Run them up against the disc

    Two basic styles. One is a fabricated ring that is pressed / glued onto the tyre

    The other is like a pressed metal "dish" that bolts inside the gauge wheel, using the bolts that hold the 2 halves together.
    They do work on closed gauge wheels, but obviously the spoked ones do allow more mud to fall out
  2. benferg

    benferg Member

    Bluming heck that’s a sticky mess!

    So much easier when you are drilling into old grass pdks

    A steel rung wouldn’t last here as it would get eaten by the stones once the pdk dries.
  3. Clive

    Clive Staff Member


    spacing is far too wide - ours touch the disc and have never had this issue even it wet and sticky 2012
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  4. Sticky, soft, friable soil ( just like we have in a long term zero till situation ) you can have the rubber up hard against the disc & you will still get that mud build up - & wear out the tyre pretty quick

    Very different to planting into tight or firm soil conditions
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  5. I dunno how long you fellas been running these style of planters, but over here there is at least a 30 yr history of John Deere & Kinze style double disc planters & close to 20 yrs of the single disc 750 style openers

    That's a lot of experience, just saying . . .
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  6. Clive

    Clive Staff Member

    Just getting some numbers to import mud smiths to the UK and trying to see if its worth it

    does anyone know what the price of a JD spoken gauge wheel is please to compare ?
  7. Louis Mc

    Louis Mc Member

    Meath, Ireland
    ive a feeling it was approx €140 for a single wheel as a replacement
  8. fishtail

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    £112 on a 3-4 day stock order.
    We had this problem 2 weeks back when conditions were sticky.

    Original wheels had done 6500 acres and lip was worn and damaged on them, removing shims did not fix the problem.
    Spoked wheels were purchased and all is well, patience for drier times would probably the problem, but we have finished now and crop is well on its way. It may have stayed wet!!
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  9. By way of comparison
    Including scraper ring

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  10. How hard would a fabricator find it to make something similar? The bearing is removable.
  11. Clive

    Clive Staff Member

    mudsmithst are $199 so probably more expensive than the JD wheel then - unless there is some other advantage of a mud smith over the JD wheel, I know they are available in 3 different tyre widths
  12. Simon Chiles

    Simon Chiles DD Moderator

    JD spoked gauge wheels also available in different widths and RID versions although I think they only import one in the UK.

    Part nos AA86055, AA85465 and AA86226 if you're interested.
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  13. Louis Mc

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    Meath, Ireland
    If anyone trying to find them on jd parts you need to look up an American drill like 1890 or something as they don't show them for a 750a
  14. All I can say is you've done very well to get 6500 acres out of a set of tyres on what I assume is a 6 m wide machine
  15. Simon Chiles

    Simon Chiles DD Moderator

    I got about 30,000 acres out of two sets of tyres on a 4 m including 1,000 acres/ year on flint. Saw the first set in the shed the other day and looking at them now I can't see why I changed them, I can only assume that the original ones were 11 mm lip and I thought I'd get more life out of the 7 mm lip tyres that replaced them!!!
  16. Clive

    Clive Staff Member

    never had the problem here really but as Im bringing a load of row cleaners over I thought maybe if there was demand it would have been easy to add them to our shipping container
  17. Clive

    Clive Staff Member

    bet ours on the 6m have done near 10k now and still look like new - we don't have flints though
  18. our soil is heavy black self mulching clays with high OM & small gritty particles

    very kind to steel, but very abrasive on rubber. Tractor tyres, gauge wheel tyres etc. No stones. Just hard on rubber.

    Even in drier conditions with the recommended gap between the tyre & disc, there is no way we could get that sort of life out of the tyres. That's on 8 or 12 m machines !!
    Once things get a bit wet or sticky on the disc, we can destroy gauge wheel tyres in a few hours . . .
    Hence the ( farmer driven ) development of the scraper rings

    Horses for courses I guess.

    I will say though, if you are having trouble with mud they are the ducks nuts. Only about $25 each, but any decent fabricator could make them for you
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  19. Wow - 30,000 acres with 4 m - that's commitment for you
    makes me feel sick just thinking about it :)
  20. My tires lasted 2 seasons and had all ripped the lip to some degree. Changed them for Needham 2 3/4 urethane wheels and tires and have had no problem. Can also run them closer to the disc. Soft wet sand was my biggest problem last year , so i just backed the pressure right off and that helped.
    If i was to do it again i would go 3" tires so i could use either the JD or mudsmith rims.
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