956xl steering oil leak

Discussion in 'Classic Machinery' started by Flat 10, Sep 15, 2018.

  1. Flat 10

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    Fen Edge
    Our 956 is leaking oil from the orbital unit under the dash? Is it tricky/difficult/expensive to change/repair? Looks like a total PIA TBF. @Gapples @Richard Devon Thanks
  2. Gapples

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    Take the steering obitrol out yourself & then take it to a dealer to reseal.
    Unless you know what you're doing don't strip it yourself, they are tricky to do & have to be timed on reassembly.

    Prior to removing the orbitrol just have a look at the pipes that go into it, I'm just remembering I've changed several, they crack beside the olive.
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  3. Flat 10

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    Fen Edge
    Thanks very much(y)
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  4. Richard Devon

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    sorry, just picked this up.......exactly what Gapples says......the orbitol needs to be reassembled correctly and be timed up, also there's a very delicate seal at the top which to install needs a tool not unlike something you would find in an Ann Summers bargain basket
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  5. Mr Happy

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    As previously stated unless you know what you are doing when repairing a steering unit you can get in a right old muddle. It must be timed properly as it will turn into a hyd motor. One hydraulic company who specialises in repairing orbital units is B &N Hydraulics Ltd tel nr 024 7666 7654.
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  6. essexpete

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    So tell us all how acquainted you are with the latter!

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