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a2 milk

Discussion in 'Holistic Farming' started by spin cycle, Aug 15, 2018.

  1. spin cycle

    spin cycle Member

    north norfolk
    anybody on here keep cows to produce a2 milk:scratchhead:

    edit...darn't post this on dairy section:eek::D
  2. awkward

    awkward Member

    kerry ireland
    dont know about mine but all bulls selected over last 10 years are a2a2 positive
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  3. Blaithin

    Blaithin Member

    Alberta, Canada
    I've never had mine tested. Thought about it just to see how the theory that beef cattle are predominantly A2 stands up but the lab isn't cheap for that here yet. Seems to be a fad really taking off in America though. Lots of family cow people are really going for it.

    I have guts of steal that don't care what the heck I put in there so I've never had an issue with any dairy, be it A1, A2, raw, pasteurized, homogenized, etc.
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  4. A2 milk has been promoted / common on supermarket shelves here for a long time

    that's the extent of my knowledge . . .
    the cynic in my says its a clever marketing ploy by the dairies, in an age of $1 litre supermarket milk they need every advantage they can get
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  5. awkward

    awkward Member

    kerry ireland
    as I understand it a2 milk suits those that might be lactose intolerant. somthing to do with the type of enzymes or proteins in the milk making it more digestable to those people.
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  6. I think that's right
  7. spin cycle

    spin cycle Member

    north norfolk
    yes thats my take....i think sheeps milk is a2....thats why its becoming more popular
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  8. Agrispeed

    Agrispeed Member

    Haven't tested any cows and I'm not planning on selling any, The bulls I use are A2A2. Most coloured cows seem to be, Holsteins seem to be mostly A1. I believe Guernseys and Ayrshires are the breeds with the highest proportion of A2.

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