ABB (Power One) inverters

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  1. akaPABLO01

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    just to let you folks know

    I had to wait 6 weeks for 20kW and 27.6kW inverters from ABB

    No suppliers in U.K. Are handling them. There are 2 main ones. They promise 4 weeks but the reality is 6 weeks via ship from Italy.

    You can however buy reconditioned ones which carry less warranty which are stocked in U.K. - maybe worth considering but if you buy new ones, then 6 weeks will be wait time.

    If you have farms near you with same inverter system join up and buy a spare one to use on breakdowns. If you miss summer that's 1 year set back, I'm going to pitch this tactic to all my farmers, I would suggest groups no more then 4.
  2. f0ster

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    if you have an inverter failure it is also 6 week delivery, sma have a very fast turn around for faulty inverters.
  3. Wombat

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    East yorks
    Sound about as good as northern power grid
  4. akaPABLO01

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    Yup. Gotta admit customer support turnaround with sma is the best.

    Warranty inverter with ABB is usually 2/4 weeks though
  5. Exfarmer

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    Bury St Edmunds
    We have had very good service with Fronius

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