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Discussion in 'Dairy Farming' started by Jdunn55, Apr 4, 2019.

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    Don’t be afraid to cut the legs off if you find one concreted in, they’ll probably be rotten anyways and it’s not a big job welding new bits of pipe in, it was a frequent event in our old parlour.
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  2. eulb

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    Best way is cut them off and slot into a bigger galv tube.
  3. This! Fairly recently I scrapped a super little Miele 6-6 abreast, (it had been a demo parlour for them, Royal Show, Dairy Event etc,) auto washer, the lot , as no interest in it. Landlords specifically excluded our successor tenants from milking!:(:(:(
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    Don't waste your time milking in an abreast it's too slow. Put a very cheap swing over parlour in. If it only takes two sides at first, milking will be very quick and give you time to earn money elsewhere. There's no point spending 3 hours a day milking 30 cows for next to no profit.
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    Best of luck , Its great to see some one still starting into milk in a small way . Abreast parlours are great for small herds you can give individual attention to cows and are quite fast. Dont let me put you off Holstiens but having had that T shirt which is now gathering dust !!! British friesian holstien with a sprinkling of jersey produce higher solids are tougher last longer and make more money for you in my experience. Depends on your milk contract of course . Please keep us posted on your progress .
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  6. Like throw out a rotary and do a walk through conversion.....:rolleyes:
  7. harrysmith

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    abreast palour same as static rotary
  8. £500!

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  9. betweenthelines

    But in an abreast the quickest milker sets the pace, In a HB it's the slowest!
  10. Philip Bealing

    South West
    Ive always found heat detecting and inseminating in an abreast parlour far easier whilst im milking .
  11. som farmer

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    do you need a box to stand on phillip when inseminating in a step-up abreast ? I will ask you again soon- only 18 more days before we will need your expertise, ( he really is good)
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    Milk crate, two if you're short.
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    That’s what he carries the yellow pages with him for
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    Hi all back again sorry for the delay, I'm in helston, Cornwall for those who are asking will add it to the profile in a bit. Didn't go for the parlour in the end as didn't have the time to go to the auction let alone dismantle and move and want to make sure everything was in place first. I currently relief milk for someone in a 14/28 boumatic parlour about 8ish years old which is nice and it works well but theres very little room for individual attention to the cows themselves. I like the idea of spending time with he cows and getting to know them which is probably a bit weird but when it comes to my cows I am a bit weird. I'm planning on doing things a little bit differently to most people, the plan is to import embryos from Canada and start a herd with genetics that are new to the UK, the money will be coming from the sale of heifers and embryos rather than the milk as that's more of a sideline because I like milking if that makes sense? Putting a business plan together at the moment to present to the bank but hopefully can sought something out to get me milking my own cows in my own parlour.

    Apologies for the long post just wanted to give an update :)
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  15. Rossymons

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    Selling stock in your neck of the woods...TB??
  16. Jdunn55

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    Completely agree, I would house all year round including all youngstock which obviously inflates costs but would be covered because I shouldn't have any issues with disease plus the milkers would produce more as they're being fed tr13:)
  17. cattow

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    @Rossymons do you think some good Friesians should be imported into Helston :sneaky:
  18. Rossymons

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    Oh absolutely, the area is crying out for it! ;)
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    Can't get any better than you bring on yourself
  20. eulb

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    I’d be moving personally,start up in Canada?
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