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  1. Coshireherd

    Coshireherd New Member

    Hi all new to the forum

    Long story short changed my accountant a few years back. Was ok for first couple years then was getting into a pain, not answering calls, delayed getting paperwork collected/delivered getting tax finalized

    Got sick of it and changed back to original accountant and after months of hounding him. Letters, emails, calls etc got info off him for new accounts, making life v difficult, gave everything bar a breakdown of capital allowances for last 3 years to new accountant, new accountant got through on the phone one day awhile back and told him quite rudely that he wasn’t giving them anymore info

    My accountant sent more letters and no avail just wondering what to do any suggestions greatly appreciated
  2. bobk

    bobk Member

    Let them get on with it , my ex accuntant was the same ... gave no info and was awkward ... no bother says new one it was all wrong anyway
  3. Coshireherd

    Coshireherd New Member

    But can they actually do them without this info realistically?
  4. Nearly

    Nearly Member

    North of York
    Make some up from your own memory, can anyone (HMCE) prove they're wrong? ;)
  5. bobk

    bobk Member

    Mine did but your circumstances maybe different
  6. Coshireherd

    Coshireherd New Member

    I’d be worried if I got an audit
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  7. Nearly

    Nearly Member

    North of York
    If that's all you'd have to be worried about you're not pushing hard enough. ;)
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  8. Jerry

    Jerry Member

    You can always resort the the professional body that are members of. there are rules they should follow when you change firms.
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  9. RushesToo

    RushesToo Member

    He should be a member of some professional body [it will say on his card] most have a complaints procedure to maintain "professional" standards. Like this:
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  10. Still Farming

    Still Farming Member

    Glamorgan Wales
    Some right A holes out there.
    You pay them good money in faith all correct paperwork and business financial works are in order with the Revenue BUT when you have an investigation your on your own .
    You just as well work and deal direct with The Tax man to start with.
    The indemnity insurances are a waste of time and rarely or never cover demand amounts , Penalties or interest incurred ,even if you have done everything correct and honestly yourself and your Accountant never "so called",new or understood Agriculture ,diversifications and Losses utilizations and their implementations that should be "bread and butter" to them !
    The Institute of Chartered Accountants rarely got any backbone alledgedly.
    Legal Con artists a Lot of them !!!
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  11. Still Farming

    Still Farming Member

    Glamorgan Wales
    All stick together alledgely!
  12. Jerry

    Jerry Member

    Not in my experience. I had a grievance with a previous accountant. Took the case up with their professional body. I soon had all the info. I needed to help my new emcumbant with the old outfit getting reprimanded.

    It maybe helped I am also an accountant, though not a practising one or one that would do annual tax work, so maybe knew which buttons to press.
  13. According to the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants

    "The general principles are easy to state:

    a Documents belonging to clients must be given to clients (or
    their agents) promptly on request, or on ceasing to hold office,
    except in those cases where members are able to exercise a
    right of lien.

    b For documents belonging to members, the decision whether
    to allow clients (or their agents) to inspect them rests with the
    members. Clients have no rights to demand access.

    c Where clients ask members to disclose documents to a third
    party and those documents belong to clients, members must
    disclose the documents unless they are exercising a right of
    lien. Where documents belong to members they are not obliged
    to comply with the request"
  14. matthew

    matthew Member

    Only an accountant could write that load of contradictory tosh, with a straight face.

    The information is YOURS.
    Don't just ask for it back, demand or go fetch.
    Who you then give it to, is up to you.
    The 'lien' bit is leverage for unpaid bills. Yoiu don't owe him anything do you? :whistle:
  15. D.S.S18

    D.S.S18 Member

    can you pull the GDPR line now to your old accountant as they have your details which you no longer wish them to have?
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  16. Charolais cattle

    Sounds like you owe money. .. usually they give u books back.. I've changed accountants lots of time without hassle. ..

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