Advanced early August planted rape ???


I see that late July(!!!) early August planted rape is looking to be at an advanced growth stage considering it is only October.
Will this advanced growth be detrimental to the crops yield, or will it be better than if planted later but the crop may have been written off by the cursed “flea beetles” or slugs!!
Fortunately it will not effect me as a semi retired hedge farmer, but still interested in the latest farming techniques. (y) (y)
Ooh the joy of farming!;)


north yorks
last year our crop was very advancd due to sowing earlier in august and a heavy rainfall and warmth the day after sowing on fit land, came up and grew away in front of any pests . At harvest had a for us tremendous yield it flowered earlier than most round here but escaped the frosts and at harvest even though the yield in tons was excellent the size of the seeds was small and this was reflected in a lower than hoped for oil content though this didnt affect £/acre due to the yield


Arable Farmer
I looked at a field of mine yesterday, early planting with buckwheat. The buckwheat is waist high with the rape trying to keep pace with it. Very tall erect spindly plants, doesn’t look great if it’s a harsh winter.
Still got a better chance than all my other fields which have been eaten bare by CSFB though.

New Fuel Supplier On The Way

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Farmdeals is very pleased to announce that Exswift Limited will soon be joining our digital online platform. Exswift deliver all types of fuel to numerous locations around Essex and further a field. We will keep you updated as to when they go live. powered by The Farming Forum & FutureFarm. #farming #workinghard #inittogether

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