Advice on rearing calves on their own

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    What's the best way to go about rearing young calves, the youngest being about two months old? Most of are old enough to manage on solids.
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    Beef or dairy? Bulls, steers or heifers?
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    Beef, they are a variety of steers and heifers.
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    Don't wean them to young, reduce milk slowly they should be eating min 1kg head /day of a good quality 18% protein ration. I would give them much as they will eat when weaned and reduce the protein content as they grow.
    Keep them well bedded as a dry environment will help reduce risk of pneumonia . Offer them fresh straw to eat, don't feed hay as this encourages pot bellies due to their rumen not being fully developed
    A well reared calf is the foundation of any good dairy or beef animal it's false economy to cut corners at this stage
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    Get them on dry feed asap (before weaning if poss.) Then after weaning put them on adlib calf grower and straw. Introduce some silage as they get older..
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    Cows gone with TB?
  7. Then graze them to grow frame
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    Not really serious advice but years ago we had a vet give a talk at a Macra (rural youth org) meeting. He asked for questions and one lad asked one very like yours. He said a good plan in the shed is to make them cubicles from pallets. 2 vertical for sides. 1 on the ground to keep bedding dry and 1 on top to stop draught. When done get in, kneel and prayers for a few minutes. 3 reasons:
    1. Kneeling is good way to know if the bed is dry.
    2. While there you'll get a feeling for whether it is drafty.
    3. Praying for a few minutes never did anyone any harm.

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