Agco c3000/Topcon X30 Challenger 765 automatic coverage

Discussion in 'Precision Farming & GPS' started by Wheels88, Jul 10, 2018.

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    Good evening, we are running a new to us Challenger 765d that has been supplied fitted with a agco c3000 (which I’m aware is a sort of budget version of the x30) and the agco version of an agi 4 receiver, we will be using the Omnistar g2 signal. After having a quick play with the system it seems to work well but I wondered if it’s possible for the coverage on the screen to be triggered with either the hitch or a spool valve, or ideally both? I’ve noticed a grey cable with a circular plug (4 pin I think) coming out the bottom of the challenger arm rest that doesn’t look factory and isn’t plugged in to anything? Could this be something to do with it as the gps system just fitted is an x demo unit fitted to the tractor, the previous owner removed there gps system. The dealer is coming out to set me going when we have some stubble to go at but with precision farming queries I always find this forum far more useful! Anymore info would be hugely appreciated!
  2. Northern farmer

    While waiting for proper comments, thought I'd mention we have the same screen and receiver but on a Valtra tractor. Coverage needs to be controlled via a 12 V external signal, no option to control coverage from hydraulics or the rear lift etc.

    We have a coverage switch of some kind in our implements to control coverage mapping. Another option on the Valtra would be to use head land control to switch on/off power on a power plug and feed the coverage control signal from that plug. There must be a similar external signal option on the Challenger setup too?
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    There isn’t. Only option is to have an external pressure switch on linkage or spool flow

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