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    Are you a farmer practising agroforestry (i.e. integrating trees with crops and/or livestock, at any scale, in any form) on your farm? If so you could help with some research I am undertaking at Coventry University looking at farmer experience, perceptions and motivations for taking up agroforestry. If you are interested in participating, it involves completing an online survey, please click on the link below:

    Many thanks!
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    East Sussex
    If I wasn't a tenant I would be. Landlord not keen.

    Someone just south of Peterborough along the railway line seems to be into it, I went past a couple of weeks back. Also check out Martin Wolfe of Wakelyns Agroforestry.
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    That'll be Stephen Briggs on Whitehall Farm just south of Peterborough, he's been very successful with agroforestry and regularly runs tours and workshops for other farmers who are interested. Visited Martin Wolfe at Wakelyns a couple of weeks ago - amazing place.

    Really interesting that you'd like to try it but your tenancy is an issue - this has come up with other farmers. If you'd be interested in taking part in the research as an interested non-agroforestry farmer, drop me an email at
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    goodbye drains
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    I told someone that and they then consulted some 'expert' who said it would be no problem. They may be an expert on agroforestry on the surface but they know bugger all about trees and drains.
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    East Sussex
    Could you not try and plant the trees where there are not any drains? Don't you guys have drainage maps of your fields?
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    Tim Downes in Shropshire does it too. I hope to go to see his set up one day
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