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Albatross® - Biostimulant​

Nurture and protect your crops with Albatross®​

The root to higher yields, you’ll sea!

Albatross® is a highly concentrated liquid extract of the brown seaweed Ascophyllum nodosum that promotes healthier, higher yielding crops by increasing resource use efficiency and protection against stressful growing conditions. Free of synthetic chemicals and renewably sourced, Albatross® provides a smarter and more sustainable way to optimise plant health and productivity.

Albatross® key benefits
  • Optimises plant growth and resource use efficiency
  • Protects against abiotic and biotic stress
  • Sustainably and naturally derived
  • Efficient and effective performance

For fitter, healthier plants the natural way

  • Apply Albatross® to plants to stimulate rooting and build strong root systems. Research at The University of Nottingham showed 2 L/ha of Albatross® increased root mass by 51% and max root length by 40%.
  • Albatross improves nutrient chelation and nutrient uptake from the soil. Co-application with fertiliser will optimise uptake further and improve use efficiency by the plant.
  • Albatross® contains almost every micronutrient and NPK (in low amounts) in a fully chelatable form. Phytohormones stimulate growth and development increasing the metabolic efficiency of the plant. Research at the University showed 2 L/ha Albatross® increased shoot growth by 21%.
  • Albatross® stimulates the natural defence systems of plants, building resilience to abiotic stress and helps ward off pest and pathogen attack.
  • Ascophyllum nodosum in Albatross® is sustainably harvested from the North Atlantic ocean with zero artificial ingredients added, making it a sustainable source of growth stimulation, stress tolerance and disease management. It is approved by Organic Farmers and Growers for use in organic systems.
  • Albatross® is free of sodium chloride, with excellent tank-mix compatibility for fast and effective adsorption.
  • Purest, freshest seaweed extract available. The unique and innovative cold extraction process free from use of heat or chemicals, guarantees over 75% raw Ascophyllum nodosum in its naturally derived form, in Albatross®, ensuring maximum uptake and benefit to plants. Albatross is the most effective and efficient method of feeding seaweed to your plants

Key situations to use Albatross®
  • Support crop establishment
  • Green up and maintain colour of grass and amenity areas
  • Improve nutrient access, uptake and use efficiency by the plant
  • Optimise the uptake and efficiency of fertiliser when applied together
  • Increase resilience to environmental stresses such as drought, salinity, heat and frost
  • Improve plant tolerance to biotic stress
  • Improve drought patches
  • Enhance root growth and productivity
  • Provide a useful nutritional supplement in regenerative and organic systems
  • Enhance marketable yield and quality

Product information

Classification: Seaweed biostimulant

Composition: Cold pressed Ascophyllum nodosum

Recommended use: All agricultural and horticultural crops, turf, grassland and amenity

Rates of use: 1-2 L/ha per application on agricultural and horticultural crops; 5-10 L/ha on turf and fairways; 4-5 L/ha on grassland; 10-20 L/ha on golf greens and golf tees. Please refer to the Albatross® handbook for best use advice.

Marketing company: Interagro (UK) Ltd

Please refer to the Albatross® handbook in the “Resources” section for more information.​

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