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All things Dairy

Discussion in 'Dairy Farming' started by Cows 'n grass, Jun 4, 2014.



    Like wise, nothing serious in my post.
  2. Kingofgrass

    Kingofgrass Member

  3. Fergieman

    Fergieman Member

    Grazing grass sample taken yesterday.

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  4. I never understand the comment "if cutting seek advice from advisor " that sample is rocket fuel, no advice needed, nor is additive needed if its sunny. So what have we all to gain from this cutting advice?
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  5. More to life

    More to life Member

    An opportunity to buy something!
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  6. upnortheast

    upnortheast Member

    Over the years I`ve noticed if the cows are milking well at cutting time then they will milk well on the silage
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  7. Not to be out done by someone from Somerset, today saw the long overdue start to project concrete.
  8. lazy farmer

    lazy farmer Member

    som/dor border
    Is that the 200 Metres you’ve been on about doing for the last 3 yrs ?
  9. Yep, except it's only 120m. Don't want to rush things...
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  10. Wee Willy

    Wee Willy Member

    Concrete tracks are great..no upkeep or repairs etc.but if stones get on to them from an adjoining stone chip track or a muddy gateway,there's no "give" in the concrete. That wee stone is straight up into cows foot when trod on. Need to buy a brush!
  11. Completely agree. This 120m joins the yard to 1000+m of sleepers so I'm hoping that by concreting it we cut the number of stones on the yard and sleepers.
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  12. lazy farmer

    lazy farmer Member

    som/dor border
    Totally totally agree. We will be purchasing one soon. I know every season is different so I’m being cautious but so far it’s a joy watching the cows walking In. no new lame cows with white line this season so far And the speed between paddock And parlour has improved dramatically.
    Luckily we are on a clay based soil so we will be putting in concrete ramps into the Paddocks so in theory we will be nearly Stone less
  13. mixed farm

    mixed farm Member

    Did around 300m with Concrete, a lot of money, still well spent. Have a cow with, i presume is a broken back after a night bulling. Outdoors might I add.:(
  14. Princess Pooper

    East Mids
    Autumn born heifers liking the green stuff and sunshine 016.JPG 024.JPG
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  15. Splitpin

    Splitpin Member

    Telgin, was that the name of the bull you used a couple years ago @Ducati899 ????
  16. pappuller

    pappuller Member

    Thought it was more like Genlit from memory
  17. Splitpin

    Splitpin Member

    Yes you could be right, @More to life is an expert in this maybe he could put us right?
  18. TomB

    TomB Member

    Was it niglet?
  19. pappuller

    pappuller Member

    Thats the boy
  20. Sid

    Sid Member

    South Molton
    20180517_172555.jpg Champion cheese at Devon County Show.

    Made with quality milk! ;)
    Well done @jondear along with the rest of us producers.
    Made in Partnership with OMSCo and Wyke
    "The British Organic Dairy Company"
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