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When did you start breeding? I know it was several weeks before us and we already have 50 calved...... all but 5 are heifers

Heifers plus the heat shortens the gestation
Ours is solely down to tb test both skin and bloods. Just hoping they cross their legs for another 10 days... jeez I sound like lazy not wanting to start calving!
West Wales
Good man. I love it when a bald Rick plan comes together.

Dont know why but I keep having a vision of a few of your ex bank managers being locked in a secure place with another one being carted in when you've had one of them though.
this truly happened with one local manager. It was when they bought a farm on a Friday afternoon and signed the cheque there and then with no facility that pushed him over the edge I’m told.
I went flea beetle hunting in the kale this morning and I was cursing idiots releasing lanterns a balloons while I was winding all the string up from this.


Then I got to the other end of the string and found this

I'm going to try putting it under my garden sprinkler and see if the forecast changes to rain.

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Agricultural contractors and their role in the farming industry

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Agricultural contractors and their role in the farming industry

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Will is joined by Ian Maddever, an agricultural contracting expert, and Charlie Yorke from NFU Mutual to talk about agricultural contracting, how the industry has changed and the role it now plays in the farming industry.

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