Allergy/Hayfever since begining of April

Discussion in 'Manflu Corner' started by Chasingmytail, Apr 18, 2018.

  1. Chasingmytail

    Chasingmytail Member

    Newport, SE Wales
    Never had a problem but I thought it was a cold but it comes and goes and its crippling me. My nose is completely blocked or running. Eyes sore. Out of desperation I took Cetirizine yesterday and noticed an improvement.

    Ive looked this up and tree pollen is very high now.

    Can it make you feel so awful? Will it go away? Wonder if its just because its high and early. Or is this a sign that for the first time I'll have hayfever I wonder?

    I'm going to have to get a nasal spray
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  2. honeyend

    honeyend Member

    You find if its been cold, as soon as the temperature rises everything tries to flower at the same time, and the trees are first. You need to take anti-histamines regularly, if you have symptoms or not, the one a day ones that are non-drowsy, its really bad you can get the GP to prescribe you a nasal spray and extra strong tablets but you may not be able to drive. First stop speak to the pharmacist, not the pharmacy assistant, over the counter tablets are really cheap if they are not a brand. Once you find out what suits you, you can get them from any supermarket.
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  3. Old Boar

    Old Boar Member

    West Wales
    Had hay fever every year since I was young. I needed oxygen a few times when I was about 7! It has got better over the years, and I eat local honey which is supposed to help.
    Tree pollen allergy is common. To confirm hay fever, try breathing through a damp flannel for half an hour while you watch TV or are on here, and if the symptoms subside, it is something you are breathing. Used tea bags put in the fridge for half an hour are very good for sore eyes, very soothing. Just make sure there are no cameras around with the T bags and flannels!
    I have found Piriton about the best - take half a tablet and increase over time until you feel human
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  4. JCMaloney

    JCMaloney Member

    LE3 9EU
    I use "own brand" larotadine 10mg. Before that I had tried pretty much every other treatment known to man, you need the one that works for you.

    Supposed to be one a day........ :cautious::censored::whistle:
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  5. mo!

    mo! Member

    I take Telfast all year round as the over the counter medicines barely made any difference. On bad days I take two. Tree pollen was sky high the other day and I felt lousy. I started in my early twenties but took about two years before I got diagnosed and properly treated, I just thought it was a cold I couldn't shift then sinusitis. It has been really late to start this year with the cold spring. Easterly winds can bring pollen in as well.
  6. dstudent

    dstudent Member

    I m dreading the next few weeks when grass pollen starts then I can t even leave the house that s how bad it is. Never had it when I was a kid though.
    I ll try some of the stuff mentioned above see what works best as so far nothing I ve been given lasts more than a couple of hours.
  7. jack6480

    jack6480 Member

    south lancs!
    Might sound stupid but Wellman vitamins have cured my hay fever I think
  8. madmatt

    madmatt Member

    OH hell yes it can make you feel bloody awful, there is one particular tree pollen that i react to very badly so much so when it was on site at a local steam rally we had to pack up and come home. It took me several days to recover. There is also something in my wifes grandparents garden that really sets mine off to the point of blocked nose itchy eyes headache and very very sore throat, it got that bad i was only eating ice cream or drinking semi melted ice cream it was that bad.

    Now i am on one a day tablets and start taking them in february normally. But i still avoid London plain trees and the grandparents!
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  9. bovrill

    bovrill Member

    East Essex
    I have bees which take that pollen and put it in their honey.
    I then steal their honey and eat it, giving me immunity to that same pollen in the future.

    That's the theory anyway!
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  10. Chasingmytail

    Chasingmytail Member

    Newport, SE Wales
    I'm fine now its gone most def tree pollen.
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