Amazone boom sections gremlin


Oslo, Norway

I have an Amazone from 2015 with Amaspray+ control box.

The other day one of the boom sections did not shut off while spraying. After a while it was normal again. 20 min later another section did the same. Next day it worked fine for about 30min and now 3 sections is not working. Two are stuck om open and one on close.

I've tried to check signal cable between control box and sprayer with multimeter. Cable seems OK.

Borrowed another control box from dealer. Same issue.

The valve that open or close the sections does not get any voltage. But I get 0 Ohm when I use multimeter on both ends of the cable.

Even tried the sprayer on the other tractor we used last year.

I'm no good on electrical issues. Could be a ground issue?

All mechanics at dealer are eithet out or sick

Any suggestions?

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