And the curtain falls

Discussion in 'Brexit & Politics' started by capfits, May 24, 2019.

  1. capfits

    capfits Member

    7 th of June it is.
    Let the parade of the deluded follow.
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  2. Werzle

    Werzle Member

    Thank goodness, stupid mare has swam against the tide for too long while being encouraged by pro eu civil servants . It needs a brexit voting pm now who will cull the civil servants who have hijacked democracy and wasted millions of pounds and 3 yrs of time. Lets leave in october now with or without a deal and move the job along
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  3. Danllan

    Danllan Member

    Sir Gar / Carms
    The 'deluded' being? :scratchhead:
  4. runny egg

    runny egg Member

    The EU elections will be over, the result irrelevant, Brexit is no closer now than yesterday nor will it be on June 8th under a new leader who has no more ability to get it over the line than May, if you want a no deal hard Brexit then the EU is your best chance of delivering it by throwing us out. Let a summer of more chaos begin, where we do more damage, alienate more people, close more business, watch more political back stabbing for personal gain.
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  5. I totally agree but don’t blame her
  6. Lexion1000

    Lexion1000 Member

    I think she is one of the few that are coming out of this sorry episode with any dignity. She has done her best to honour the referendum result and has been sabotaged every step, by a bunch of people (from both the left and right) who are dead set on sapping this country of wealth, power, influence and perhaps the union itself.
  7. All the people who think they can do a better job.
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  8. baabaa

    baabaa Member

    co Antrim
    the cull has started
    how many more scalps consigned to history this weekend?
    will hannans predictions of a total massacre of con meps
    prove correct?
    interesting times !
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  9. Aaron Banks?
  10. Martin Holden

    Martin Holden Member

    In the cold light of day no one was going to get a withdrawal deal through Parliament. When the Tories have a major faction wanting an absolute leave and Labour would never support anything the Tory administration proposed, the inevitable would and has happened. It’s not TM’s fault - it was an impossible task unless she was 100% for leaving with or without a deal. What happens next is vitally important. How Parliament regains the respect of the populous I don’t know, but all I can see is greater division ahead unless we get an election of course. Might end up with a hotch potch of a strange coalition. Common sense surely suggest that if you leave a club, the club don’t have to grant you any favours to remain associated with it unless you follow the club rules, so it’s either in or out. That’s why TM has been forced to step aside as she was trying to find a halfway house. Halfway doesn’t exist, so the choice is as it always was “in or out?” That’s what Dave said 3 years ago!!! He is the one who is accountable for this mess IMHO!
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  11. Danllan

    Danllan Member

    Sir Gar / Carms
    The facts indicate that any thinking they'd do a worse job would be up for the title of 'deluded'. (y)
  12. For a few years I was a season ticket holder at Leicester City. Do you know, I was surrounded by spectators who thought they could do better than the players on the pitch. And yet...
    They were mere spectators
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  13. MiJ

    MiJ Member

    The people spoke.
    Gina Miller insisted MP’s had the final say.
    MP’s ignored the will of their constituencies.
    Well done in the name of ‘Democracy’.
  14. I am finding myself thinking of a classic album today. A contradiction. The UK is in the band name and is defiantly not the album/track name.
  15. Widgetone

    Widgetone Member

    That's what I don't get about the 'appeal' of Farage. When questioned about the substantial monies received from his backers, he said he thought he was unaccountable to the EU as he was planning a new life in America. He'll cut and run to his mate Trump at the first opportunity and leave his supporters shafted imho.
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  16. wanton dwarf

    wanton dwarf Member


    The EU elections will be a pointer towards whether a General Election will bring forth a conclusion to Brexit or not.

    Whether the "new" Conservative Leader is man or woman enough to go for it .. we will see.
  17. wanton dwarf

    wanton dwarf Member

    What a load of pure BS. :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:

    Theresa May has done nothing but destroy the UK in everyway possible. Even her General Election manifesto was ill judged with her Socialist "Death Tax".

    Theresa May did nothing but sabotage. She undermined David Davis and took away his staff, she did the same to Dominic Raab and every single Brexiteer.

    The VERY FIRST thing she did was take a Free Trade deal off the table ..
  18. Johnnyboxer

    Johnnyboxer Member

    Can we just forget Brexit and stay in the EU
    Better all round than this farce
  19. wanton dwarf

    wanton dwarf Member

    The EU don't work for the best interests of the UK.

    Westminster don't work for the best interests of the UK.

    I want someone that puts the UK first, second and last.
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