Andy Murray

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  1. No foreign labour at all then ?

  2. Ivan Lendl
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  3. He works there ?

    Anyway At 300 quid a night it's a bit dear for me
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  4. AftonShepherd

    AftonShepherd Member

    He didn't actually call the press conference to cry about his retirement. It was part of his media commitments for the Australian Open and he was asked about his injury.
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  5. Bobthebuilder

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    Staff probably on as little a pay as they can get away with
  6. Cow1

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  7. Briar

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    He too may have had difficulty tying his shoe laces. But not necessarily for the same reasons !!!!
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  8. Back on a grass tennis court this evening
  9. br jones

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    Good luck to him
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  10. bobk

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    Rusty as fudge for the first set , now showing his class against the no 1 seeds .

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