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Discussion in 'Livestock & Forage' started by Terrier1, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. Terrier1

    Terrier1 New Member

    Hi all,
    We have several Hereford cross Fresian heifers looking to bull along with our old redpoll cows.
    I'm looking for an Aberdeen Angus young bull locally if anyone can help? We have been offered a blonde bull but I'm concerned about potential calving problems. Any thoughts?
  2. Northeastfarmer

    There's easy and hard calving in all breeds
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  3. AF Salers

    AF Salers Member

    York, UK
    I can offer you a nice Saler, & would go well on your red polls as well. Guaranteed easy calving thrown in for good measure
  4. puntabrava

    puntabrava Member

    Blonde would be easy calving in general.
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  5. Roy_H

    Roy_H Member

    You said it! Beware! Some Angus bulls with Canadian blood in them can give you calves that come out like great black Charolais. @puntabrava mentioned Blondes , yes lovely cattle but there again we used an easy calving Blonde and we were well pleased with the results, however another Genus Blonde bull (Whistley Dollar? ) gave us no end of grief, even out of big cows .
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  6. Plas king

    Plas king Member

    North Wales
    Can i have some more info on your looking for a saler bull.
  7. AF Salers

    AF Salers Member

    York, UK
    Pm sent
  8. Wolds Beef

    Wolds Beef Member

    @AF Salers You beat me to it, I was going to suggest @Terrier1 contact the Lincoln Red office as a good easy calving, easy feeding Lincoln Red would do the same job as an Angus and he is not that far from butchers that like Lincoln and Lincoln crosses.
  9. But........the op wants a local Angus bull......he doesn't want a saler, or a blonde,or a Lincoln red....the thread title says what info. He seeks.
  10. AF Salers

    AF Salers Member

    York, UK
    @ajcc Though the title of the thread is looking for an AA bull, in the initial post the OP mentions that they have been offered a Blonde bull, but is concerned about calving problems. From this i read that the OP was open to consider other breeds which wouldn't pose an issue with calving problems, so i offered a Saler as this wouldn't give calving problems and would be a very good fit for the breeds of females that he/she says they have.
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  11. GTB

    GTB Member

    Ceredigion, wales
    On the topic of easy calving, our first polled Hereford Bull was used on ten heifers and we had terrible trouble calving them. Almost sent him for slaughter after that but had cows and another batch of heifers in calf to him by then. Never had to pull any of his calves after that initial ten. :scratchhead:

    Kept him until his daughter's came into the herd. (y)
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  12. Roy_H

    Roy_H Member

    By far the worst calving bull we ever had on heifers (and even cows) was a Polled Hereford! He was a magnificent looking animal bought from York Bull sales but he was an utter and total disaster. Some years later after experimenting with other bulls we nominated a proven easy calving AA from The Genus stud to use on heifers. It was the best thing we ever did. Not only did we have little or no calving problems but he left us some lovely stock.
  13. AGN76

    AGN76 Member

    north Wales
    I've got some Whistley Dollar straws, sounds like I should leave them in the flask! :eek:

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