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So having decided I'm fed up of damp feet (actually now wet as my normal boots have got older) I thought I'd better buy new wellies.

Looking on TFF there are many recommendations but not many comparisons.

I've not had proper wellies for 10 years so as I do with most serious purchases I scoured the internet for what I thought would be decent, bought 5 pairs and tried them all back to back over a few evenings with the intention of keeping one pair so I thought I'd tell you all my findings.

I'm a size 11, I'm a nats under 6ft and I weigh just over 12 stone.
My feet are not especially wide but suppose would be average.
I wear one pair of socks which are either thick cotton sports socks in spring/ summer or merino wool blend trail socks from Costco in autumn/winter

The boots I bought were:

Bekina Steplite X Thermoprotec Size 10.5
Noratherm S5 size 11
Buckler BBZ 8000 Size 11
Skellerup Quatro S5 insulated Size 10

All the boots fitted my feet well for size. The Bekinas run a half size large in typical Welly fashion.
The Noratherms are true to size as are the Bucklers.
The Skellerups run a size large so order them a size smaller than your usual.




All are S5 rated with safety toes and steel midsole.

First up the Bekina. Very light, very flexible and comfy, excellent footbed shape as they felt very natural to walk on. Weighed in at 1160g each. Made in Belgium from Neotane which is a PU material and with a PU sole. Non metallic toecap and midsole.
They have an ever so slightly higher than normal arch but it really isnt noticeable other than you can feel the support.
These are rated to -40°c but I'm not sure I'd want to wear them in those temps. It seems to be mainly the sole that was insulated rather than the shaft.
These would be an excellent summer boot and if you were wearing them every day on concrete, walking lots, driving tractors etc these would be an excellent boot. Probably very much a dairy farmers boot. Or someone who needs a pair in the car to jump in and out of such as agronomists, reps or anyone who regularly field walks but isn't farm based
What put me off was because they are so light and flexible they don't really offer any support or protection after the toe cap. If you were working in a trench or something and a stone rolled on your foot you'd know about it straight away but you can't expect anything else.
There is a version called the Ice shield which looks like it may be thicker.
A step in/shake off boot.
The Bekinas come with seperate insoles which aren't in the boot in the first picture.





Next is the Noratherm S5. Made in Italy and from Elastopan which again is a low density PU material and also has a PU sole. Steel toe and midsole.
These are a bit chunkier than the Bekinas and are the most natural walking of all the boots.
I noticed they they don't flex around the top of the foot or the ankle as the front of the sole has a sharp rise, combined with the slighty higher heel means the boots naturally want to roll forward hence the excellent walking character. Probably less chance of cracking them as they don't really flex much. They are not stiff, just keep their shape do to the sole design. Also very stable under foot.
Reinforced ribs around the back of the calf and across the top of the foot as well as at the ankle bone. Ankle bones area also has a moulded ankle cushion to mimic the bone shape.
Again, very comfortable, would be an excellent all rounder and have an insulated foot and a lined shaft.
Wide fitting and roomy but not flappy or insecure.
Sole has an aggressive pattern and deep tread.
Weighed in at 1474g each. The second lightest.
A step in/shake off boot





Next was the Buckler BBZ8000. Made from 5mm Neoprene, with a ¾ high rubber shell and a rubber sole. Breathable airmesh lining,.with an elastic top. Non metallic toecap and midsole. It's an upgrade to the previous BBZ6000 boot
These I would say are primarily aimed at the construction industry due to the high vis colour schemes and the reflective logos on the sides with reflective stripe on the rear.
Boot has a very soft and comfortable insole but probably wouldn't suit a wider than average foot. As I said, my feet are an average width and I could wear them no problem. My brother is a half size smaller than me but has wider feet. He tried them and instantly disliked them. He also is heavier than me.
Walking around the kitchen they were pliable and easy on the foot but are quite thick around the ankle due to the ankle impact protection and so tend to bow out around the ankles which then makes them touch the front of your ankle while walking. Very flat/neutral walking with no roll.
They are slightly narrow around the waist of the foot and don't have a very wide toe so there is a very slight rubbing of the big toe on the outside of the boot. Maybe just my foot but worth noting.
Felt very warm standing in my kitchen but with no real air movement inside.
Weighed in at 1569g each,.the 2nd heaviest.
A pull on/pull off boot





Finally the Skellerup Quatro S5 insulated, the heavyweight of the selection and built like Tanks.
These weighed in at 1760g each
Made from 4mm Neoprene with a full rubber cladding and a wool felt lining inside. Steel toe and midsole and a hardened rubber cap over the steel toecap. Ribs over the top of the foot.
Dual density rubber sole, Quatro comfort removable insoles.
Sole is very, grippy on hard surfaces, the best gripping of them all.
They have an "ankle locking design" but I'd say it's more of a while foot lock.
The boot holds your whole foot very securely and snugly with no pressure points or rubbing. They fit my feet like gloves.and probably give as much ankle support as you can get in a Welly.
Very natural walking and despite feeling very heavy in the hand are not noticeably heavy when wearing.
Looking closely at the boot all the mouldings and bonding look of excellent quality and are clearly defined.
Warm but not sweaty. The insoles appear to have several padded ridges and are vented, presumably to promote air flow inside the boot.
I took the insoles out to try shape of the foot bed and can confirm that the shape of the footbed itself is very natural and fits my feet perfectly. If you didn't like the feel of the Quatro insoles you could swap for some others.
Very natural and stable walking with no flexing or bowing at the ankles but don't quite have the nice "roll" of the Noratherms.
Really an excellently made, high quality boot. I'd have no problems wearing these all day.
Maybe a bit thick and heavy for summer/dairy use but as I don't generally wear wellies in summer and don't do dairy it won't be a problem.
There are non insulated Quatros available and also a version with a steel toe but a fibreglass midsole which may be lighter.
A pull on/pull off boot.




So there we have it. All 4 were well made and all equally comfortable, just different.
The only one I'd be wary off would have been the Buckler due to the slight toe pressure but I'm sure if I'd bought any one pair of these unseen I would have been happy wearing them as none are uncomfortable.
I had intended to keep one pair and send the rest back but in the end I couldn't decide between two and so I've kept both the Skellerup Quatros and the Noratherm S5s.
The Skellerups are without doubt my absolute favourite, they really are built well and the weight of them is a reflection of that.
The Noratherms are very comfy and easy to step in to and roll nicely when walking. I think they'll be cooler in summer and are more open than the Skellerups so will allow more air to flow.

I also tried some Grubbs Ceramic S5 a few weeks ago. A neoprene/ ¾ rubber boot. These were quite heavy and felt quite roomy, again probably run a size larger than true and would suit a wider foot. Looked well made but without having them back to back like I did these, I couldn't give a comfort comparison.

The other boots I'd have liked to try are Cofra Thermics and Dunlop Purofort Thermo+ but to be honest I thought 4 was enough.

A long and drawn out post but hopefully of use to somebody else among the countless "what's the best Welly" threads

*edit* Should have mentioned prices. All were ordered online and were all around the £80 price mark but have seen the Bekinas for around £65. However once postage is added it takes them back up to the £80 mark.

Bekinas and Bucklers came from Amazon (prime delivery and free returns)
Noratherm came from Sam Turner & Sons
Skellerup came from Abbeydale direct who were very nice to deal with on the phone.
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At last, what TFF has been waiting for - in depth welly analysis.

A bit like Top Gear for Wellies, presented by @Dukes Fit , soon to become the 'Jeremy Clarkson of wellies'.

Just had to bin two leaky pairs so it's a very timely thread, thanks (y)

I'm currently running a pair of Dunlop Puroforts with about 50,000 miles on the clock so I'm looking forward to your next week's post when, hopefully, you'll be test driving the latest models from Dunlop.


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Been wearing Dunlop Puroforts Thermo+ for abit, wore the soles of my first pair out never managed to wear another pair out as they all split and leaked. Latest pair is now the Noratherm as when I went to get some new wellies I saw them and asked about them and chap said he'd got a few pairs to try as so many people having trouble with the Dunlop

Dukes Fit

At last, what TFF has been waiting for - in depth welly analysis.

A bit like Top Gear for Wellies, presented by @Dukes Fit , soon to become the 'Jeremy Clarkson of wellies'.

Just had to bin two leaky pairs so it's a very timely thread, thanks (y)

I'm currently running a pair of Dunlop Puroforts with about 50,000 miles on the clock so I'm looking forward to your next week's post when, hopefully, you'll be test driving the latest models from Dunlop.

Only if somebody starts sending me free wellies lol!

Dunlop do such a massive range of boots it would be hard to know where to start.


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Some knob will be on here talking about Le chameau boots in a minute.

very good review, I wear wellies the whole year as I actually find them cooler in the summer because they wick the moisture away. A bit of slack round your calves helps slap the air in an out of the boot too.

shame you didn't get the top range puroforts to try as they are my go to boots and I'm now wondering whether to jump ship to something else.
The Bekina offer more ankle support than their Dunlop competitors, believe me. I have a feeling that it is only the soles of most wellies that are rated down to freezing temperatures?

Had a pair of Bekinas, did 50,000 miles on them and one split at the heel. Replaced with Dunlop puroforts and believe me I wish I hadn't bought the Dunlops.
I have been wearing £10 screwfix boots, they don't last that long, I wonder if it would be better to buy a better quality that lasts longer? What does everyone think? I have moved to Better craft waterproofs now (rather than Flexothane)

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I like dunlop aciforts, not as clumsy as the puroforts.

Can't stand hot wellies as I wear them most of the year.

This is a good thread and a good idea, thanks @Dukes Fit
eh? Puroforts are lighter surely unless youre referring to toe cap ones ,all they do is trip me up so no safer overall than ordinary ones i find
which are light / comfortable for moving quickly in and arent too dear to not keep a spare pair .

Dad used to have 2 pair ...everyday wellies and Market/farm sale best ones.

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