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  1. having read some of the past threads about MOP vs SOP vs fibrophos

    now too scared to use MOP
    SOP too expensive
    Fibrophos cant be spread over wide area in spring

    so what do people use ?
    what do spud boys plaster all over their fields?
  2. principal skinner

    Scared of MOP in what way?
  3. What is wrong with MOP?

    What is wrong with using fibrophos in the autumn instead?
  4. Flat 10

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    Fen Edge
  5. Flat 10

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    Fen Edge
    @Spud @Honest john @Sonoftheheir
    I have seen them slather on omex, don’t know the K source....
  6. Hindsight

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    somewhere between 250 and 500 kg/ha of MOP depending on requirement. March time then cultivate in. N&P on with the planter and then top up N with AN or urea. Simple. Or just go for a NPK mix - granule or Suspension - which will be MOP based as well.

    So can you let me know what is wrong and concerning with MOP? Thanks.
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  7. Spud

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    Slather on? Plaster all over the fields? #domeafavour

    @Hindsight has got it pretty much. 2-300kg K applied as 3-500kg MOP onto the stubble/cover crop pre cultivation is our usual method. The rate is adjusted a little, according to muck application, crop requirement, and to a point, soil index and rent level. Chloride not something that concerns me as much as the availability of what we're applying.
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  8. Sonoftheheir

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    West Suffolk
    Certainly not plastering it here, only spread about 300kg/ha on a farm where we hire the land. Ours gets enough from the blend. We’re on 15/15/29 this year at between 850/1000kg ha.
  9. Brisel

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    I may have created the fear. MOP is potassium chloride, a salt. In theory that salt is toxic in high concentrations but it will soon dissolve, the chloride will leach away & it's not like you're putting a layer 2 inches deep on a new seedling. Carry on.
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  10. Honest john

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    I put an NPKS compound on at planting & top up with MOP & AN.

    Some folk put there Pre eme on with a Liquid N with saves a pass.
  11. Clive

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    I'm going to use Tigerphos this spring - looks like a better and much cheaper alternative to the Fibrophos I have been using, looks like it will spread better to, its a courser product

    my issue with MOP or SOP etc is price and I prefer the more organic nature of the Tigerphos and Fibrophos products that also contain a load of trace elements as a bonus
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    We put MOP on potato ground approximately six weeks before planting potatoes to wash salt through.
  13. All fertilisers are salts. Nothing to worry about, although if you put on enough fertiliser, plants aren't able to absorb them and they die. You would have to go some to manage that mind.

    Chloride is actually a plant nutrient.
  14. Fred

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    Mid Northants
    Chicken litter
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  15. Bogweevil

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    If your land is prone to growing watery spuds you might be right to be fear muriate of potash!

    However tremble not, only some evidence that potato quality, especially dry matter, better if sulphate rather than muriate of potash used

    Then again cereal root diseases said to be countered by muriate, but significance unclear in UK
  16. snipe

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    west yorkshire
    What sort of price is Tigerphos and fiberphos and what % are they. How wide will they spread.
  17. Brisel

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