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Antique farm equipment found in Barn...What could it be??

Discussion in 'Classic Machinery' started by Dipin, Apr 10, 2018.

  1. I do agree with the museum part
  2. solo

    solo Member

    The second picture looks very similar to a blackstone's potato digger that was used here. This picture is not too clear but looks to be a later version of yours. It is listed in the 1937 farm auction where my great uncle had to purchase it from his father and again my father had it as an ingoing on the tenancy. Photo 1960's
  3. tomlad

    tomlad Member

    nr. preston
    I've a lifter bit like them
    Pto on mine tho
  4. I would say it was pulled by horses so very slow moving forward.. there is a big gear on the land wheel which is driving a small wheel so the mechanism would be going fast not much wear on the wheel lugs.. probably took a lot of pulling with that gearing do not scrap it

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