Any horse drawn carriages??

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by Bill22, Apr 15, 2019.

  1. Bill22

    Bill22 New Member

    Interested in any horse drawn carriages good bad or ugly. Interested in all carriage driving equipment lamps whips harness anything.
  2. grainboy

    grainboy Member

    Have this available

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  3. Dry Rot

    Dry Rot Member

    I have various bits and pieces including most of the iron work for a 1890-ish stick backed gig, 32 inch wheels, a set of 'new' oak spokes; also two sets of green heart gig shafts; etc.

    The down side is, I am in the North of Scotland!
  4. Bill22

    Bill22 New Member

    Hi sorry chaps
    Been to a funeral today what price did you have in mind
  5. Bill22

    Bill22 New Member

    Hi sounds interesting
    Shame it's too far
    Thank you for replying

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