Any sales, shows or markets on this Saturday 16th feb?

Discussion in 'Livestock & Forage' started by Jonty49, Feb 13, 2019.

  1. Jonty49

    Jonty49 Member

    Got the boys this Saturday and want to take them out somewhere, the 5 year old loves farming. So anything on in the east mids? I’m a farmer myself not some townie wanting to blend in.
  2. Northeastfarmer

    Carlisle bull sales....always a good day out
  3. mghadley

    mghadley Member

    Newark market on a Saturday, Rugby market has sheep and smallholders sale
  4. ilyria

    ilyria Member

    Clitheroe have a traditional/rare in lamb ewe sale
  5. Agrivator

    Agrivator Member

    But once a 5-year old has seen one Limousin bull, he has seen them all.

    Unless of course he wishes to compare their official age with what he regards as their actual age. :eek:
  6. Newark Saturday sale & a bacon cob, it keeps my 5 yo happy
  7. kps

    kps Member

    Leek store cattle sale.
  8. Plain steer

    Plain steer Member

    Gisburn store cattle
  9. sticky

    sticky Member

    Rugby have an in lamb sale plus a smallholders sale after.
  10. Ross121

    Ross121 Member

    Take a trip to sedgemoor?

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