Anyone else not started drilling yet?


brown ground here at the moment move the top inch and a mass of ryegrass waiting to poke through some from 3+ inchs down when it does rain how much more will germinate? its frightning really weve had one chit and moved it!


Arable Farmer
Haven't started yet,either on sprayer or hedge cutter sorting out corn storage only just finished cutting beans,luckily I've got all my seed requirements sat in the shed,hopefully get started tomorrow but its like concrete out there. 🌧️ 🌧️


Hearing the seed trade finding it hard to make deliveries on farm with the fuel issue.
Any truth in that?

Of course there is truth in it. Everything is completely f**ked at the moment.

Yes more than truth. Just been into Grantham. All six fuel station out of fuel. At three with shops I asked when expecting a delivery - the staff had no idea. Same in Spalding. Postman this morning said Grantham delivery vans will start running out of fuel mid week. Post will not be delivered. Right old mess.

Agchems/feed etc next. Gang labour manning potato grading lines. Cutting gangs. Hey ho.

New Fuel Supplier On The Way

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Farmdeals is very pleased to announce that Exswift Limited will soon be joining our digital online platform. Exswift deliver all types of fuel to numerous locations around Essex and further a field. We will keep you updated as to when they go live. powered by The Farming Forum & FutureFarm. #farming #workinghard #inittogether

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