Anyone had any luck

Last week I had a headlight bulb out on my Skoda so I bought one in the car care shop. Turned out to be the wrong one so put it on the side. Last night, bulb went on the Disco and turns out to be the one I bought so £5 not wasted after all. :)
ps nothing to do with matchmaking! Didn't notice where thread was :)
I guess that I’ve just come to the conclusion that most of the time it has to be!
Single and alone ain't no fun , when friends are far away or in relationships complete with ball and chain if your lucky , makes you feel like life has gone by and your of little importance to anyone. The few times in life you stick your neck out , only to be rebuked or rejected on appearance or on what they think you are rather than who you are.....:unsure:

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Shepherds urged to feed more good quality colostrum

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Written by John Swire

Shepherds are being urged to feed newborn surplus lambs more good quality colostrum during the crucial first 24 hours of life because up to 80% of UK sheep producers may not be feeding enough.

According to results from the annual Volac Lamlac surplus lamb rearing intentions survey, carried out at the end of 2019, only 20% of shepherds plan to feed the industry recommended...