Anyone into Land Rovers

Did a bit more on Saturday and today, Saturday I removed the old oil cooler pipes I had connected to the engine ready to fit the new ones I've ordered, I also removed the 300tdi radiator to make way to fit a new 200tdi radiator as when I fitted the fan belt I was struggling to get earlier this year I found the bottom hose wouldn't fit as the fan belt was in the way so I replaced it today and re-routed the bottom hose to fit the radiator then I fitted some new rear mud flaps, couldn't fit the fronts as the wings need to be fitted but i'm not ready to fit them yet, still waiting for more parts to arrive then I will report back this weekend coming, will post pic's later :)
Fitted some of the fuel lines today, just need to get a couple of series supply pipes for fittings to make up a new supply pipe and a return pipe, then I moved onto fitting the front shocks, fitted one then found out the N/S/F spring plate was the wrong one for the car as the shocker is to close to the swivel housing flange, think its from an S1 so I need the correct one now :(
Yeah the garage its self is 18'6" X 18'3" with 6'4"H X 8' W doors which was ideal for when i had a Disco1 but the Def i had was close to 7' 4" High so had to do something to get it in and the 2a is something inbetween now hight wise.


My mum crashed her 1 day old county into the roof of a multi storey car park going over a speed bump. Alough it went under the height barriers.

Was a few inches taller the the 90 it replaced

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