Anyone know how much US crop insurance costs the farmer there?

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Watching one of the Welker videos the other day where they gave up harvesting hundreds of acres of peas that had been droughted or 'hailed out' saying that they had left strips in even the good fields so that the Assessor could look at them for insurance payout made me wonder how much this scheme costs the farmer.

How does it work anyway, hail insurance is available here but is hugely expensive and is not backed by the Government at all and, despite losing over 75% of my crops one year in the last 30 I reckon to be still ahead.

Is Red tractor detrimental to your mental health?

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HSENI names new farm safety champions

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Written by William Kellett from Agriland

The Health and Safety Executive for Northern Ireland (HSENI) alongside the Farm Safety Partnership (FSP), has named new farm safety champions and commended the outstanding work on farm safety that has been carried out in the farming community in the last 20 years.

Two of these champions are Malcom Downey, retired principal inspector for the Agri/Food team in HSENI and Harry Sinclair, current chair of the Farm Safety Partnership and former president of the Ulster Farmers’ Union (UFU).

Improving farm safety is the key aim of HSENI’s and the FSP’s work and...