Anyone seen any black-grass yet ?

Discussion in 'Direct Drilling General Discussion' started by James W, Nov 15, 2017.

  1. James W

    James W Member

    It was quite dry this autumn so alot of people got on and drilled up. It has stayed dry and so some herbicides might have been spent before this latest bit of rain. Are people seeing any grass weeds ?
  2. Timbo1080

    Timbo1080 Member

    I think that quite a few might disagree that this autumn has been quite dry. How’s the Triton going?
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  3. James W

    James W Member

    Your quite right , I was thinking more of the south where they had dust through to early november with wheat seed not germinating. The Borders have been saturated since harvest.
    We drilled the clean half of this farm two weeks ago and the crop is just coming through because we drilled it deep to get 0.5litre of glyphos over it before the wheat emerged. This plan worked perfectly and we put Tribal in with the glyphos and that went straight onto wet soil. It looks like every seed has germinated and 100% weed free at moment.
    The worst grass-weed land will be drilled December 1st. We knocked the tilth over with the demo-Triton two weeks ago after we had drilled the other fields. With these three chits and Tribal going on with glyphos, i have high hopes that we will have corrected 25 years of resistant black grass nightmare in one autumn. Any blackgrass that does now emerge will be triple chitted next autumn so we are going straight back to growing 2nd and 3rd wheats. The peas and spring barley that we have had to grow in recent years have been wiping our profits away. Now its back to rape and 3 wheats. Relief.
  4. franklin

    franklin New Member

    Are you just using Tribal, as even at full rate that is a very low level of active?

    Very little BG here. It is surely just waiting to bite me on the arse.
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  5. James W

    James W Member

    maybe not you might be ok... Tribal mainly for all the other weeds we hope we have got bgrass down to sustainable seed bank.We fallowed half a farm a few years ago for bgrass, we cultivated it in early may , drilled it in late september... blackgrass came straight back. I think you have to exhaust the seed bank in quick succession over the whole autumn.
  6. tw15

    tw15 Member

    Seen plenty on different farms that I have been putting avadex on over the last few weeks nearly finished now around 4000 acres of avadex spread this autumn .
  7. James W

    James W Member

    thats interesting, on our worst fields where we re-chitted very recently we have a flush just coming through again now
  8. shakerator

    shakerator Member

    In some barley today bad 1 leaf bg in places despite robust pre em.
  9. James W

    James W Member

    i dont think you will be alone, very poor grass flushes till end October this year as was so dry down south
  10. rob1

    rob1 Member

    walked my wheat to day, really hard to find any, leaving it on the top for five years and using one year grass breaks seems to have done a good job here , weather was kind in that we had some rain just after drilling to kick start the crystal this year, not going to put anything else on now just some atlantis/ pacifica if any brome comes through in spring which will do the BLW and WO at the same time
  11. Adeptandy

    Adeptandy Member

    I've got some, and so have some others around here according to the agronomist, going to top up the pre em with System 50 at the weekend :(
  12. James W

    James W Member

    you have done well, grass would be tricky for us as no animals.
  13. rob1

    rob1 Member

    I grow it for haylage for the horse market, we have been very lucky the four years we have used westerwolds rather than rape as a break in that we have been able to cut it at just the right stage to kill the BG and the second cut we have managed before the westerwold was viable, no doubt one day we will get caught out and have loads of ryegrass to fight, dd has certainly helped by keeping any seed on the surface
  14. Bg control good so far on some difficult fields
    October drilled on the green pre em controlling what has germinated plenty of seeds not germinated this cold weather will help a lot
  15. James W

    James W Member

    perfect, we were putting some into the AD plant on same basis
    i was talking to a chap from Romney Marsh the other week and when they get black-grass they direct-drill winter oats straight behind the combine and put sheep on it in September and graze it till mid-March, then they remove the sheep , the oats have tillered immensely and the sward is too tight for grass weeds .. they then cut 3.5t of Oats in late July !
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