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    Yeah securing supply, ground conditions and forage supplies grim also straw/sawdust by products etc it ain’t looking great.
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    More on falling supply
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    AMPE and MCVE are both rising though I thought. Speaking to different people around the country and most are very concerned about feed supply and its knock on effects to milk and meat.
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    But your price is based on a European wide price is it not? And European milk supply figures have just been predicted up by 1.2% for 2018.
  5. And here’s Arla’s biggest problem as I’ve said before, one size can’t fit all right across Europe. No doubt Germany and Denmark are going full tilt and they have more milk than they can cope with and UK and Sweden needing encouragement.
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    Yes but that is down from around 2%, Denmark like us have also suffered this spring and early summer and have been culling hard of which they never do. So this is not just restricted to the UK.
    Smp has started to recover which will help us going forward so I certainly wouldn’t be talking negatively going forward.
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    Based on falling company profit!!
    Who knows? Obviously potter thinks he does!
    I can't see what he's doing making this announcement in public TBH, this does non of us producers any favours (no matter who we supply) when processors must be out there trying to get increases out of their retail customers at this point in time.

    Is he forgetting he's only a industry commentator nothing more!!!

    So IMO he should stick to commentating on announcements and not trying to set them before they happen!!!
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    No rain ,no grass ,no milk .
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    Got the arla farm assurance coming up next week, anything they are getting hot on or anything new coming in?
  10. New template for herd health plan. Apparently if it's on the old format it wont be accepted and you'll have to do it again and get the vet too resign the new version.
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    Plastic waste ,they hate it .
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    I just get the vet to do a herd health plan and they have always seemed happy with what they have done, any new bits that they want in it.

    Got that, i think somewhere??
  13. The Happy Herdsman

    Selective DCT. Our assessor went as far as checking purchase records against usage records and wanted to see what I had left over in stock.

    I used the same one I have used for the last 6 years. The bit they care about is the health reporting and targets at the back.
  14. celtis man

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    I had a right ding dong last time we had F/A ,we fell out over bagged silage wrap :( ,I won't have her back!
  15. Sid

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    South Molton
    I was looking at the straw bales from last year.
    Loads of ends about am inch long 12 per bale. Not good!
  16. celtis man

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    We ha
    had a bad go at our last audit , nothing was right for her :( .
    That was January, can you imagine my delight to receive a letter from arla last week informing me any more major non compliance and I'm out .
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    som/dor border
    cows milk well in droughts
  18. sidjon

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    Mine aren't, too hot for them, heat stress had knocked of a farther 2 litres/cow, am looking forward to drying off already which could be the end of the month in stead of begin January :cry::cry:
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    Too dry here :( not seen it like it for years, milk dropped like a stone ,not got a lot of silage to be feeding !
  20. More to life

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    But not in 30c heat fertility will most likely be trashed to :(
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