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  1. Seen the dup leader on tv , l don't think this women? Will move a inch on this Irish border, so what happens then?
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    I've been thinking about the Northern Ireland "Problem" this week whilst sowing.

    As far as I understand the problem is one of a border not being required for the people of Ireland & Northern Ireland to come and go.

    So ... why are products which are being sold over the border .. why are they a problem at all ?

    Surely the difference is .. people walking, cycling, riding a horse, walking a dog, in a car .. all those people should just go about their business.

    Alternatively .. the 44 Tonne truck gets checked.

    What's the problem ? Because I think most people will be able to tell the difference between a person and a goods vehicle.

    In other words .. surely it is not beyond the relms of man to differentiate between humans and lorries.

  4. Eire will continue to have free movement of people from the whole of the eu.
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    As all EU citizens can freely move to Eire then they can cross the border to mainland UK via NI unless some border guard checks their passport - border guard can be at the sea port or airport, in which case presume can be argued NI is not fully part of UK as NI has to an extent been partially ceded to EU or, alternatively we check the Passports at the NI Eire border which deals with the ceding issue but then requires hard infrastructure.

    This seems a key point to me - I get easily confused by all the arguments (and as I shall just carry on living out my days in Lincolnshire doubt that I will ever truly have any say - probably never vote Tory but a Tory will win where I live anyway)

    I miss WalterP as I seem to think he raised this whole issue last December when Mrs May returned from Brussels. He came out then and called Brexit off and a soft Brexit order of the day. Not that I am going to bother trawling through threads to find his post.

    Hey ho. What are you guys on these Brexit threads going to do after March 29 - you will have so much time free??!! Move to the direct drilling versus ploughing threads!
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  6. Oh, I don’t know. I might try out leading a real life again:)(y)
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    Co Antrim
    Surely the common travel area covers the movement of people between the UK and Ireland. The main aim of border checks back in the day, was to stop the flow of terrorists and guns crossing the border and not law abiding citizens going about their daily business.
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    East Sussex.
    The answer is easy.
    The border should be in the North Sea and English Channel.
    We could annexe the ROI just as easily if not easier than the EU could annexe NI.
    Sauce for the goose and all that.....
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    Truth is the average english tory voter does give a sh!t about the union. The obvious conclusion is that the UK will break up.
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    That's not necessarily a problem.

    If it's illegal to cross the border into the UK then the law just needs to be applied. The problem is in the UK very little if any immigration controls are in effect.
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    If the UK breaks up then so be it.

    I'm past the stage of supporting a system that benefits Socialist values .. I'd much rather get rid of Scotland which is just a bastion of Socilist and Liberal ideology without the ability nor mind to foot the bill.
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    @wanton dwarf
    Hilarious, you should take yer time read a little history.
    And I am sure there are many Scots Irish and Welsh that would be happy to get shot of the free loading imperailist English too...

    The truth is elsewhere.
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    I don't think so.

    All the sarcastic little witch hunting comments about England have finally born fruit .. time to get rid of the Socialist hangers on.
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    I suppose that's how Putin solves border problems.
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    And you know that because you have asked them all i assume, remind me which of the four nations always supports the other home nations opponent in any sport?
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    Sarcasm? Truthfully can you say England is anything other than London disunited these days? The capitalists of the capital only need the rest of us when they need bailing out.
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    Quite true.
  18. Except they don’t want that
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    East Sussex.
    That'll be where Herr Junker got his idea to annexe NI from then.
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