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ATV spreader has high work capacity

Discussion in 'Practical Farm Ideas Magazine' started by Practical Farm Ideas, May 16, 2018.

  1. Practical Farm Ideas


    This machine was designed and built by Co Tyrone farmer Hall Donnell to work on the soft low lying land which makes up a large part of their dairy unit. In the past few years he has found increasing demand for his spreading services, and now covers around 3,000 acres with the flexible machine. Despite it's size he can work quickly with the machine - achieving 26 tons spread over 225 acres in just 9 hours work.

    The walking beam axle is fitted with shockers to stop it trying to flip over on rough ground, and the heavy duty 25 x 12 tyres carry the weight better than standard ATV wheels. The extended hopper takes a full 600kg bag with room to spare, so he can top up before the hopper is completely empty.

    The ubiquitous Honda engine provides the power, and this has the advantage of running the spreader at a constant 540rpm. The lightweight engine is sparing with petrol, and the Foreman itself is quite frugal as well

    The home built frame was sent off for galvanising, a precaution which should help longevity.

    With a psi of 8 on the spreader and half that on the quad, the whole rig has great floating properties, allowing minimal damage spreading on wet early spring pastures, and also corn.

    The nimble rig is lightweight and fast, allowing for considerable performance

    This radio has been mounted on various quads for the past 20 years! A good extra when working all day.

    The seat-back makes the quad much more comfortable

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