August 2020 issue out this week

Here's a useful 40 acres of beet and the home built machine for chopping it. Processing would be a better word. Hopper holds 750 kg and it gets through the lot in little over a minute. It chops quite fine and 'processes' potatoes as well which should prevent any choking. Mixes quickly in feeder wagon. You'll make one from the description in our new issue. PFI Vol 29-2
We need to have a cloud based system but at present I need surname and post code in an email to practicalfarmideas(a) or to me mike(a) asking the question and Michelle can look up your sub on the d-base. I know you'll find this issue valuable. Thanks for your subscription - it what the magazine lives on.

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Agricultural contractors and their role in the farming industry

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Agricultural contractors and their role in the farming industry

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Will is joined by Ian Maddever, an agricultural contracting expert, and Charlie Yorke from NFU Mutual to talk about agricultural contracting, how the industry has changed and the role it now plays in the farming industry.

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