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Discussion in 'Direct Drilling Machinery' started by Jan Jönsson, Jan 5, 2019.

  1. Jan Jönsson

    Jan Jönsson New Member

    Check the main frame for broken bolts and movements between under frame and main frame.
    Cracks in the front of tank indicates something isn’t right.
    Contact dealer for solution, there is one.
  2. fred.950

    fred.950 Member

    I don’t understand why the dealers aren’t checking drills before they fail if they know there’s a problem. Ours ripped the ram clean out of the centre section! (n)
  3. Acke

    Acke Member

    Sweden Enköping
    What size have this problems? Is it on new Avatar also?
  4. fred.950

    fred.950 Member

    Ours is a 6m and the new frame is much stronger so won’t happen to new drills but I’m not sure what problems the op were referring to.

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