Avian flu Protection Measures in force.

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    north norfolk
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    They'll still displace them. Many a time at Waddeton estate we would send birds across the Dart where they would never have gone without dogs behind them.
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    Who was that guy on the video? Surely the first outbreak in Britain wasn't in a backyard flock at all but in the shed of a big producer. Perhaps if he thinks we should prevent people from keeping a couple of pet chickens for the sake of biosecurity, he should also consider banning these massive potential reservoirs of disease - for the sake of biosecurity?

    And if he really thinks the poultry industry is as professional as British farming gets, and can equate that with those wretched creatures that come out of the battery houses and get re-homed by hen-rescuers (probably not a good idea just now) then he needs to look around him. With a torch if necessary.
  4. True, every now and then a few might decide to go a way they wouldn't or couldn't wander. But then again they could get spooked by something and take flight that way anyway.

    If shoots were stopped but the birds still fed, then it might prove marginally beneficial. But lets face it, the keepers wouldn't bother feeding what they can't shoot! So they'd soon wander further afield anyway.
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    The elephant in the room being all the Nature reserves where migrating birds are year on year encouraged to re visit with artificial feeding programs.
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    Thought you may all like to know my experience in regard to the current bird flu problems.
    We have a commercial unit and on the 3/1/17 bird flu H5N8 was confirmed about 4 miles from us,did Animal Health issue a warning,No,we found out the next day when a newspaper reporter called to ask if animal health had sent anyone to inspect our premises.
    Finally today 6/1/17 we received written notice from animal health telling us that we are in a zone and what we can and cant do,bit late we could have moved birds or eggs to anywhere and potentially spread infection.
    Animal Health operate an alert by text system but nothing on that until the 5/1/17 and that was to tell us about the general extension of lockdown
    If this is how they deal with proven outbreaks there is little hope of preventin it spreading.
    Thankfully our birds are OK to date.
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    Where are you?
    Hope you stay clear.

    I've heard of a backyard flock in Yorkshire confirmed with it and a Teal in Conwy confirmed. It is hard to find this info even when you actively look for it.
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    East Sussex
    My partner is regularly exasperated at the incompetence of the cattle movement system. Often incorrect or at best out of date and this is why. When an outbreak occurs they are constantly going to be found catching up
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    South Wales
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    Restrictions have been put in place around the premises near Settle in North Yorkshire

    The UK’s Chief Veterinary Officer has confirmed H5N8 avian flu in a small backyard flock near Settle in North Yorkshire.

    A 3km Protection Zone and a 10km Surveillance Zone have been put in place around the infected premises to limit the risk of the disease spreading. The remaining live birds in the small flock of chickens and ducks are being humanely culled.
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    South Molton
    Heard today River cottages poultry are running free in East Devon.
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    Soggy Shropshire
  15. I think you'll find the UK poultry business (note not farming) is one of the most clued up industries with regard to biosecurity.

    When did the last originate in the U.K.,or even EU,no,its these backyard flocks living in people's homes in cramped conditions in the likes of Hong Kong,Thailand,Bangladesh etc. where these viruses mutate and spread.

    These viruses really are a worldwide threat however I would go so far as to say if poultry was kept as it is in the UK worldwide there would be a dramatic reduction in the risk of producing new mutated viruses.
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  16. I put out 60 odd thousand turkeys a year, I haven't used any antibiotics for about two and a half years now. (Coccidiostat for the first few weeks excepted). Biosecurity in the (commercial) poultry world is streets ahead of anything else (apart from intensive pigs).
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    Have to agree our bio security is second to none and to date most of the outbreaks are private homes,many of whom still have their birds running free.Someone needs to introduce measures to stop the regulations being ignored by domestic owners.
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    I registered my flock (14!) with Defra 6 years ago - I have had not communication from them at all (they are all penned). My neighbour knew nothing about the restrictions and called in a panic yesterday - so we helped her move her few hens into her fruit cage. Surely in this day and age, it can't be difficult to have a list/map of all livestock/poultry owners?
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    I have seen very little in the press about this. If it was not for this thread, I dont think I would know a thing about it, or what to do.
    Chickens are so fed up with being in, they have gone off the lay!
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