Avian flu Protection Measures in force.

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  1. It just shows how far down food production is in importance for government and media.

    I bet 50 years ago it would have been headline in the media of the time.
  2. sarfarm

    sarfarm New Member

    You dont really expect animal health to think of such a thing,that would take time and someone waking up,something like mission impossible for a government department.
  3. Princess Pooper

    East Mids
    the initial warnings and restrictions were all over the national press both newspapers and radios / TV but updates on developments have been very poor.
  4. ZXR17

    ZXR17 Member

    South Dorset
    Avian Flu now confirmed here in Dorset at the Abbotsbury Swannery.
    The area has high numbers of migratory birds so I suppose the out break is not surprising.
    Luckily there are very few commercial poultry units in the area but a lot of 'backyard' hens including my own.
    So where do we stand as there appears to be very little to no guidance.
    Can it be spread on walkers boots? Although our yard is 3 to 4 miles from the Swannery I believe sick birds have been picked up from the foreshore on our farm. The coast path which is heavily used all year passes right through our farm and through our yard.
    Should we be setting up disinfectant foot baths?
  5. llamedos

    llamedos New Member

    The biosecurity measures are about you minimising the risk to your own flock, if they are all indoors then whoever tends to them needs to minimise the risk of contaminating the area from outside. From wild birds.
    If your flock has no access to where the coast path runs, then you have mitigated that risk.
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  6. APJ

    APJ Member

    West Midlands
    Still seeing some backyard hens outdoors, is there a fine to those found flaunting the Avain bird flu measures? Think the public need more information putting out there!
  7. Pasty

    Pasty Member

    On what grounds are they going to fine anyone? They haven't even notified half of the registered flocks and all the releases have been 'guidance'. What will be the fine and what will be the justification? If somebody stands up in court, even a registered flock owner, and says 'I knew nothing about this' can they prove that beyond reasonable doubt?
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  8. Fromebridge

    Fromebridge Member

    Ignorance of the law is no excuse, etc ?
  9. llamedos

    llamedos New Member

    I understand the outbreak at the swannery in Dorset they have had 80 birds die, normal figures would be around 30, nine of the dead which have been tested have proven positive. This being the highest + result so far.
    So far, since the last 2 weeks of December 2016 there have been 10
    official cases involving 29 birds testing positive. At the end of
    December [2016] there were cases in Carmarthenshire, Leicestershire
    and Somerset involving one wigeon each. A wigeon is a type of dabbling
    duck. The Leicestershire and Somerset cases were the 1st involving
    wild birds in England.

    Wild birds can carry the disease around the country and infect others.
    A total of 5 wigeons were found to have died of bird flu in
    Lincolnshire in the last week of 2016. A further case involving a
    "small backyard flock" near Settle in North Yorkshire saw 17 birds
    affected, "several" of which had died from the disease.

    Communicated by pro-med
  10. waterbuffalofarmer

  11. llamedos

    llamedos New Member

    2 new separate cases reported today.

    RSPB Conwy nature reserve

    & currently ongoing testing of dead swans at Clumber Park Notts
  12. Kidds

    Kidds Member

    Is that a second case at Conway then as there was one last week.?

    I saw an Egret at my place today which confirmed that I thought I saw one last week but couldn't believe it to be true. This is something I have never even heard of around here never mind seen.
    Unfortunately all I could think was where had it come from and what had it brought with it. :(
  13. Lincs Lass

    Lincs Lass Member

    north lincs
    Some prat last night decided to off load there back garden birds over the fence at the bottom of the yard ,like we havent got a enough of the things running about ,no sheds and no way of penning them ,thats the second lot of unwanted cast offs in this village in a fortnight.
  14. Pasty

    Pasty Member

    Cockerel dumped here too.
  15. Paddington

    Paddington Member

    Soggy Shropshire
    Haven't sold any eggs at the gate for over a week now, one neighbour thought that eggs would not be available until March. :(:(
  16. sarfarm

    sarfarm New Member

    There is a £5000.00 fine and or 6 months in prison,over the years it has never been used,so why have it.
  17. Pasty

    Pasty Member

    Thing is it's all 'guidance' if you read through it. Too many 'where possible' or 'where practical' type lines to make anything stand up in court.
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  18. ski

    ski Member

    I suspect the housing order will last until April when the migratory birds return to Siberia. All Free Range become barn on 1st March. Packaging nightmare for packers, supermarkets and food manufacturers. Barn price currently 20ppd less than FR. Consumers might not notice any difference so good buy free range premium. French poultry farmers hit the 12 weeks end of January and are lobbying for a derogation and I hope they get it as it will set a precedent. Very very virulent strain of AI. Bleak outlook.
  19. pussycat

    pussycat Member

    Only the big poultry units around here keeping poultry indoors, sadly all the back yard chickens are roaming free as normal.
  20. wellingtonfarmer

    I think it's 12 weeks for sale flock to become classed as barn eggs!

    If people are changing over flocks now, they should be able to class eggs as free range for another 12 weeks.

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