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Discussion in 'Classic Machinery' started by averageguy54, Nov 10, 2018.

  1. averageguy54

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    First, a big Thanks to everyone who partook in my first posting and helped to get my tractor running again. Now that it is, I have other issues to contend with but nothing that I presently can't deal with. Replace the belts and adjust the valves.

    I am, however, wondering about my past choices. When it became apparent that my original pump had to come off and be repaired or rebuilt, as we say, it took me a long time to find someone qualified that would take on the job over here.This tractor and pump are quite scarce. In my searching I ran across a dealer on e-bay in Sheffield, Sheaf Diesel who would rebuild and return mine for about 600 pounds, ( old computer, no green keys).I also found a shop in USA that wanted about 1500 pounds. The fellow I got to do it over here charged me 1040 pounds for the job, but it came complete unlike the one from Sheaf. The difference being his had the hand pump, timing gear,hour meter and pigtail installed, which aren't on the one pictured on e-bay from Sheaf. I'm wondering if perhaps I made the right choice. These parts obviously aren't really that big of a deal, other than the hand pump, which I had been led to believe was obsolete 20 years ago. I stuck with the local guy because I was nervous about the big difference in prices, and the local guy had a sterling reputation for quality work.

    However, in the spring I'm going to have to do injectors to go with the new pump and that will be about 100 pounds apiece, if I get them repaired here. I'm also going to have to do sleeves and pistons. I'm thinking that I could save money by dealing with business in England and still get quality parts and/or work.

    Just looking for experiences or thoughts on the best way to go from here.
  2. Kenham

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    Engine rebuild kit in UK for under £200, not sure about injectors
  3. averageguy54

    averageguy54 New Member

    This, I assume would be the basic rebuild kit, which over here goes for anywhere between 280 pounds to 410 pounds depending on the supplier. Here, I can't get it from Case/IH, on-line anyway, but when I was asking stupid questions at the local dealer about 5 years ago he was close to1260 pounds and a long wait for it. Are you buying this on-line for that price or from a vendor?
  4. Kenham

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    That was just one I picked on the net, there are many to choose from over here.
  5. averageguy54

    averageguy54 New Member

    Okay, thanks. I'll use a .uk domain ending and see what I come up with. I found 3 or maybe 4 over here and I'm not sure that they are different suppliers really. I'll check with Canada Customs to see about import duties, just in case.

    Nobody's said anything bad about Sheaf so I'm assuming he's an OK guy to deal with. I should've stuck with him, could have saved a lot of money. Oh well. lesson learned.

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