Balance sheet shows small surplus before exports

The latest AHDB UK Cereal Supply and Demand Estimates have been published today. The estimates are based on data through to December and industry discussions. The balance sheet shows the deficit from November removed, with a surplus of 73Kt before exports are taken into account.

Through to December the UK had exported 116.7Kt of wheat; adding this figure into the balance sheet leaves a 43.7Kt deficit.

The reduced deficit is driven by a large reduction in the volume of wheat being consumed, which more than offsets the cut to production.

Production is cut by 475Kt, to 9.66Mt in line with the latest Defra data, published in December. Imports are also seen reduced, taking total availability to 14.20Mt, down 26% on last year. The tight picture for UK wheat this season has driven ex-farm feed wheat prices to a maximum premium over feed barley of £53.50/t, in the week ending 7 January*.

As a result of the increased premium of wheat over other feed grains, we have seen a large reduction in the consumption of wheat. Consumption of wheat in animal feed, including integrated poultry units, is seen 711Kt lower, at just 5.92Mt. The total reduction in demand is 814Kt, leaving wheat consumption in 2020/21 at just 12.62Mt.

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AHDB winding down horticulture and potatoes operations as Ministerial decision awaited

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AHDB has announced yesterday it is winding down significant activities on behalf of the horticulture and potatoes sectors.

While still awaiting a decision on the future by Ministers in England, Scotland and Wales, AHDB wants to reassure levy payers their views have been heard following recent ballots in the two sectors.

AHDB is now stopping programmes of work that could be restarted in the future by grower associations, individual growers or the supply chain. This work includes for example, export market access and promotional international trade event work, consumer marketing campaigns and market pricing and insight information. AHDB will continue to deliver limited emergency work on pests and diseases, including the Extension of Authorisation for Minor Use (EAMU)’s and some...